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The Nail Files Thursday: Zebra Stripes Konadicure

by - Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surprisingly my second attempt at konad stamping turned out pretty well. If I keep practising, I'll become a pro one day! So here is my second attempt in all its glory:

Zebra stripes!

For my base colour I used OPI nail lacquer in Alpine Snow. I think I did about four coats to get it looking perfect. Then I used Maybelline New York express finish in black to stamp on my konad image.

I used konad image plate m57 for this manicure.

I wasn't really happy with the black polish. The consistency of it didn't work with the image plate so I guess I'll have to have a play around and find a polish brand that works as some of the print didn't turn out as well as what I was hoping for.

But there you have it, my second attempt!


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