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The Nail Files Thursday: Revlon 'Plummy' Glitter Manicure

by - Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have a glitter manicure to show you! I'm hooked on glitter nail polish at the moment, absolutely love it... the removal of it, not so much. I'm currently wearing OPI 'Last Friday Night' from the Katy Perry range and oh my I've never had so many compliments on my nails in my life, but just to be a tease I'll show you that mani some other time. Ha! The manicure I have to show you today is one I did last year:

I used three coats of Revlon 'Plummy' as my base (below) and decided that it needed a little jazzing up...

So I whipped out an old al cheapo bottle of silver and pink glitter polish and voila! Compliments guaranteed!

Materials needed:

  • Revlon nail polish 'Plummy'
  • Your favourite bottle of glitter nail polish


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