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Crafty Fridays: Mother's Day Cupcakes

by - Friday, May 20, 2011

These are the cupcakes that I made recently for Mother's Day:

They are vanilla butter cupcakes with blue piped butter cream.

I was not at all impressed with how they turned out. Everything imaginable went wrong.

For starters, the icing is supposed to be blue to match the cases, but it turned out green and I wasn't game enough to add more colouring in case it turned out dark blue. I thought I'd be smart and pre-prepare the butter cream and stick it in the fridge...worst idea. Ever. It turned into hard playdough. And the next batch of icing for some reason caused me a lot of grief when pushing it through my piping gun. As you can see some of the icing is just a blob of mess. I blame my piping gun for this, it is definitely a difficult tool to use if you have arthritis. My hands were hurting for days afterwards. I'm totally searching for and investing in an arthritis friendly piping tool. That's for sure.

And the taste? Well, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't to my standards either. Totally not my fault- my electric beaters broke so they turned out a little on the heavy side compared to my nearly perfect last batch. They also didn't rise very well because of this.That's what happens when you use electric beaters that are older than you! Time for some new beaters for sure! The only thing I love are the gorgeous cases and the sugar roses and butterflies.

All things considered, they were good, just not quite good enough to sell them but I'll get there... new beaters and a new piping gun and these will be sure to turn out a treat! I'm hoping to experiment with some birthday cupcakes over the weekend!


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