"Where there is creativity, there is hope." ~ Donna Karan

Crafty Fridays- Introduction

by - Friday, February 04, 2011

Welcome to Crafty Fridays!

I'm an artist/crafter who enjoys nothing more than creating special scrapbook pages, handmade cards and gifts. Crafty Friday posts will feature all things craft- be it my latest craft project, sketches from my sketchbook, sweets I've baked, or exploring different crafts to learning and developing new craft techniques.

Before illness struck, the only thing in life that I thought I wanted to do was study to become a kindergarten teacher. I had my whole heart set on that career. Teaching young children was my passion, and the only passion I thought I had. When I was first diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses I never thought I'd be passionate about anything else again, but then I found my love for all things craft and handmade. And so I now find myself hoping to eventually set up a small craft and cupcake business selling handmade cards, gifts and beautifully baked made to order treats so that I may work from home around fatigue, pain and side effects.

Craft is what keeps me going despite the pain and the total frustration. It helps me to express myself in a positive way, creatively. Crafty Fridays are a chance for me to showcase my crafts for your enjoyment and hopefully challenge and inspire you to live creatively also. WARNING: chronic doses of creativity are contagious!


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