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Card Making Monday- Introduction

by - Monday, February 07, 2011

I've lost count of how many times I've walked out of a gift store thinking "I could make that card!" and when I realised how easy it was to produce something so memorable, I picked up my craft tools and began to create.

I have always loved card and paper but only in recent years have I developed this love into a therapeutic, rewarding and addictive hobby. I work for a large craft/haberdashery store (when I'm not battling fatigue like I am now) and am constantly surrounded by inspiration which has hugely influenced my card making. After helping a customer design her wedding invitations, she praised "You are really good at this", and from that point onwards I have been dreaming up wedding invitations/stationary to create that I one day desire to develop and sell through my one-day-to-be home craft business.

Like most crafters, I am a hoarder. I collect almost anything and everything that I think could be possibly used to embellish my cards. Card making is so much fun and I really enjoy creating something special and being able to proudly say "I made that". I love to create anything from birthday to congratulations or thankyou cards.

There are many reasons why I make handmade cards. I find they can often be cheaper to create yourself, however, this does depend on the materials used. I love the fact that handmade is so much more personalised than store bought, making it a treasured keepsake. Also, handmade is so full of creativity and is fantastic fun too! I find more meaning in gift giving by adding that special unique personalised touch.

Card Making Mondays are a chance for me to showcase my cards, latest card making projects and new techniques. I hope they inspire you and act as a springboard for creating ideas of your own.

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