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Best Buys Of The Week- 11/2/11 Edition

by - Friday, February 11, 2011

Here are those best buys from the op shop that I was talking about earlier in the week:

Leather handbag- $15. It's SO soft and in great condition too! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this bag! Best bag purchase to date. Hands down. I bought this on the day I failed my license (AGAIN!). Yes, I guess it was an emotional purchase but it did the job. No matter how upset I am, a new handbag always brings me happiness. And besides, it needed a new home. I can't understand why someone wouldn't want this. I guess it's true that another mans trash is another mans treasure. I can't wait for winter to come, this bag is going to look awesome matched with winter dresses and boots!

Grey winter dress- $8. I love the frills!

Black striped bow winter dress- $6. At first glance I wasn't really sure about this dress, but it's one of those ones that look drab on a hanger but have the potential to look great when worn. I don't usually like wearing off the shoulder dresses or tops, but this one has straps which is so unusual but it works. I like a bit of unusual, so I bought it and I'm so glad I did- winter fashions are slowly flattering the stores and I've spyed the perfect boots that will look amazing with this dress. When I put the outfit together, I'll show you!

Orange skirt- $9. I have been looking for an orange summer skirt for years and haven't found anything suitable until now. I love the strips of coloured patterns that break up the orange and I love the fact that this skirt can be worn in winter also if matched with the right boots and top of course! I think it will be tricky to match this up in the winter months, but I'm sure I'll manage with the awesome fashions that are coming out. I'm so excited! Can you tell I love autumn/winter?!


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