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Shabby Chic Saturday- Introduction

by - Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to Shabby Chic Saturdays! This is where I'll be posting on all things shabby chic and interior design. Be it beautiful furniture, home furnishings or storage solutions, I'll be showing you bits and bobs from around my home (technically speaking my parents home).

I believe home is where the heart is, where memories are made and cherished forever, and although I don't own my own home I'm on a mission to create the most gorgeous shabby chic bedroom of my dreams. I've lived in rented houses all my life until now. My parents bought our current house a couple of years ago now and to be able to have a bedroom that I can paint and decorate anyway I like is absolutely amazing.

I have a passion for interior decor and having a room to unleash this passion is just so exciting. There's lots of renovations going on and still heaps to be done around the house and I'll be sharing lots of different projects, especially ones involving creating the ultimate shabby chic bedroom.

Studying interior design was going to be my plan B for university if early childhood education didn't work out, that was until I realised I needed to have done an art subject in VCE, and have the ability to draw, a skill of which I do not have. Nonetheless I still enjoy interior decorating as a hobby and I love going on shabby chic shopping adventures; hunting down lovely linen and all things vintage. I'll be sharing with you my love of divine decor inspired by country interiors such as shabby chic and french provincial- sophisticated and yet simple in style.


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