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Best Buys Of The Week

by - Friday, November 19, 2010

This weeks best buys (well actually they are from the other week, I was just too tired to do a post!) come from Koorong which is a christian bookstore.

Here's what I got

Women's devotional & study bible (good news translation) in my most favourite colours- pink and purple! It's so pretty! Now I might be more inclined to actually read it. Ha! The pages are concealed by the magnetic front cover. How handy! No more pages getting damaged. It comes with inbuilt tabs which is really great as I struggle to remember the order of the books so no more searching the contents page. It also contains a stack of devotional resources covering life issues and women of the bible and also includes 365 day daily devotionals. Love it!

Exposure by Brandilyn Collins, who is a christian author known for her seatbelt suspense novels. I recently read another book of hers, Eyes Of Elisha, and really enjoyed it so I can't wait to make a start on this one! Book reviews coming soon!

2011 Daily Planner. Yes, I do plan to be super organised next year! I love this diary it's got everything I want in a diary plus more! I am very fussy with diaries!

Features include:

  • View each month at a glance
  • Weekly planner from September 2010- February 2012
  • Space for personal information
  • Year planner for 2011
  • Scripture verse and quote for each week
  • Space to record addresses and telephone numbers
  • Space to record birthdays
  • Space for notes and quotes
  • Crisis scripture guide

And lastly- Cd's! From left to right: Hillsong Live, A Beautiful Exchange and Hillsong Chapel, Yahweh. I love worship Cd's, especially Hillsong. I find them really helpful when I'm feeling down and depressed and I love listening to them at night time as I go to sleep, letting the presence and praises of God fill my bedroom, it's the best comfort. I always start my day playing a praise and worship CD while I'm getting ready so I always start my day uplifted. It's just the best!

A Beautiful Exchange

These powerful worship songs explore themes including sacrifice and redemption, extraordinary love, and comforting hope.

Track list:

01. Our God Is Love
02. Open My Eyes
03. Forever Reign
04. The One Who Saves
05. Like Incense/Sometimes
06. The Greatness Of Our God
07. The Father's Heart
08. You
09. Love Like Fire
10. Believe
11. Beautiful Exchange
12. Thank You

My favourites are number 3 & 5


Features live acoustic recordings of both new and old songs

Track listing:

01. Hosanna
02. You'll Come
03. Run
04. The Time Has Come
05. Saviour King
06. Yahweh
07. Came To My Rescue
08. Stronger
09. This Is Our God
10. You Hold Me Now
11. From The Inside Out
12. Mighty To Save
13. Salvation Is Here

It's a really beautiful CD!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


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