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Making The Most Of Monday

by - Monday, November 15, 2010

I have decided to make Mondays a getting stuff done/cleaning day and boy did I get stuff done today. I have achieved so much! Although I think I may have been a little too adventurous (the chronic fatigue monster is less than impressed), I just couldn't help myself. I was on a mission. And when I'm on a mission, nothing can stop me. Not even fatigue. I was actually able to drag myself out of bed before 10am this morning (surprisingly this is now becoming a more frequent occurrence) and after breakfast I begun my day cleaning like a mad woman. I scrubbed my bathroom and toilet pristine clean, did a load of washing and cleaned my room (which involved a lot of work!). Other than cleaning, I managed to make some vegetable juice and a fruit smoothie! And now I am writing this post! It may not seem much to you but that is a huge amount to accomplish in one day with chronic fatigue. I feel like I have just worked full time for a whole week!! In hindsight I probably should have not taken on so much in one day and "rationed" my energy but heck, if I have a "good fatigue" day I run with it because they are few and far between. Now all my cleaning is almost up to date and I've collapsed in a heap on the couch for an evening of tv a happy woman knowing that I don't have to do anymore cleaning until next Monday! I can focus on getting through another week and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to manage a short shopping trip (it's been a little while). Mission accomplished!


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