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For Audrey flower decal manicure

by - Monday, December 28, 2015

Summer has officially arrived in Australia (it has been scorching here in Melbourne), which means it is time to update my manicure and pedicure shades for the warmer weather.
In winter I typically wear deep, vampy shades, so I am excited to swap dark lacquers for more vibrant hues.

I love trying new shades and experimenting with interesting colour combinations, but there are many times when fatigue and pain (or even the fact I just can't be bothered) means I have to keep things simple.

Cute flower decals are perfect for the times when you want to zhuzh up your manicure without much effort. After a few coats of polish, I stuck on these gorgeous decals to add some interest. I think they go perfectly with this shade from China Glaze called 'For Audrey', which is an ode to Audrey Hepburn.

I just adore this Tiffany inspired turquoise polish. It lives up to the hype and has become my go-to polish for spring and summer. It is a definite must have for polish enthusiasts.

This is a spring manicure I did back in the day when I had gel applied to my nails at a salon to make them stronger and help nail polish last longer. I found these snaps when I was going through some old photos and was reminded that I forgot to blog about this pretty polish. (Better late than never is my motto.)

I have since stopped getting my gel treatments as I found that my nails grew crazy long too quickly, making it a little difficult (and expensive) to keep up with getting the regrowth filled. I do miss having super strong and shiny nails though, so I am thinking about getting a DIY kit and having a go at doing them myself. That way I could stay on top of the regrowth better and maintain an optimal length for crafting and daily chores. It would be so much cheaper in the long run, not to mention more convenient too.

I plan on bombarding you with 2015/2016 bright summer manicures soon. I hope.




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