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Oh the places we will go.

by - Wednesday, January 01, 2014

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I'm kicking off the new year road tripping around California. I can hardly believe that I'll be able to cross Disneyland off my 'kick chronic illness' ass bucket list' this weekend. I'm also going to the snow for the first time ever, which I'm extremely excited about. Every snow season growing up I would ask my father if we could go and he would promise to take us the next year and was never able to follow through on that promise. But now he is finally delivering on his promise and is taking all us big kids to Yosemite National Park to enjoy a sleigh ride amongst other activities. And from what I've seen on the internet it looks like it's even better than Australia snow season. YEAH BABYYY!
Here's a quick overview of what we'll be doing:
Day 1: Depart Melbourne & arrive at Los Angeles travelling to Anaheim
Day 2 & 3: Disneyland
Day 4 : Travel to San Diego
Day 5:  San Diego Zoo
Day 6: Sea World Adventure Park
Day 7: Travel to Las Vegas
Day 8: Explore Las Vegas & sunset helicopter tour over Grand Canyon
Day 9: Explore Las Vegas
Day 10 & 11: Yosemite National Park
Day 12: Travel to San Francisco
Day 13: Urban Safari with Alcatraz
Day 14 & 15: Explore San Francisco
Day 16: Travel to Santa Barbara
Day 17: Travel to Hollywood
Day 18: Hollywood tour
Day 19 & 20: Universal Studios
Day 21-23: Explore Los Angeles
Day 24: Depart Los Angeles & arrive in Melbourne
I told you our itinerary was pretty full on. And that's just a snapshot  It makes me tired just thinking about it. I'll be okay though, I'll just have to pace myself and not overdo things as much as I possibly can. I have Prednisolone at the ready and I'll be using a wheelchair a fair bit. As much as I hate the thought of missing out on things I might have to skip some activities to be able to cope better, but just being there in itself is going to be such an amazing experience and I am so thankful that I am blessed with the opportunity to finally travel overseas.
Oh the places we will go!

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