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Oh so delicious pancakes and a spot of dress shopping.

by - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I had my last appointment for the year just before Christmas. I am really happy about this because I've had a very long year full of frustrating appointments. I am definitely looking forward to having a bit of a break from it all for a little while; and I am so ready to put all the disappointments, crappiness and all the unhappiness of this year behind me.
After my appointment I went to a cafe for lunch with my parents and then did a spot of dress shopping afterwards on the way back to the car. I came out feeling quite hopeless so it was good to just eat and shop my emotions away, haha. We lunched at Richmond Hill Cafe, a popular cafe that a lovely receptionist recommended to me.
They make the best pancakes. Hands down. Oh my goodness. This was my second time eating here. The first time I had their banana and honeycomb pancakes from their winter menu. They were quite thick, yet impressively fluffy and truly decadent. I was looking forward to enjoying them again this time to be quite disappointed that they changed the pancakes they served on the summer menu. Bummer.
Happiness on a plate
On offer were pumpkin and banana pancakes, which of course I got because I knew that they would still be good. And I was right. They were oh so delicious. I've never had pumpkin in pancakes before and thought it an odd combination with banana but it worked quite well. Although they weren't as amazing as the banana and honeycomb combination, they were still pretty great.
On the way home I quickly stopped at a gorgeous dress shop that had a sale. There was a really nice dress on display in the front window that I fell in love with. Unfortunately it did not look flattering on and it drew all attention to my problem areas. The make of it was just really weird. I hate it when you really like the look of something and it ends up being terrible on.
I tried a few dresses on that I had every intention of buying if they fitted well. I only came out with one. I'm glad the effort wasn't a complete waste of time. It's a pretty little summer lace dress that can also be paired with leggings, boots and a cardigan in winter. I love multi seasonal dresses.

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