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pretty and pink

by - Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I have loved wearing earrings ever since I was a little girl. At the age of 6, I was begging my mother to let me get my ears pierced. I remember that trip down to the chemist and the sharp sting of the piercing gun well. Being so young, you would think I would have been absolutely terrified of having a hole punched in my ears, but my excitement far outweighed my fear- it was almost uncontainable.

The pain was worth it just to be able to pick out my first pair of studs and sleepers to wear to school. Choosing from the array of colours and various sizes that dressed the rotatable display stand which stood shining on the shop floor, was better than selecting a bag of lollies from the local milk bar. Earrings made me feel extra pretty, special, and even princess-like.
Love me some big bling.
As an adult I love wearing big white pearl studs for a casual (yet still glam) look, and big sterling silver hoops or long dangling earrings with a more stylish outfit.

My earring collection has really expanded over the years as my style has evolved. Most of my earrings are cheap ones on sale from either Diva, Equip or Target. Due to their size I only wear them for a couple of hours at a time, usually when I'm going out at night. During the day I'm usually sporting my white pearl studs.
As my collection has grown, so has my need for storage. Up until now, I've been hanging my earrings on old porcelain doll stands with origami flowers (which I did not make) to make them look prettier. Creative, huh? At first they worked great, but in recent years, this storage method has become quite troublesome. I can no longer see what earrings I've got as clearly and they become tangled easily.
I've been on the lookout for some earring stands for awhile and didn't find anything I liked until now. The search is finally over! I recently found these pretty pink stands in a discount store for $5 and thought they would be perfect for my shabby chic vanity.
I love how the hooks are at different heights, it makes choosing a pair SO much easier!
I'm used to wearing earrings. I feel naked when I don't. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love wearing big dangling earrings when I want to jazz up an outfit. I was known at work for my big bling. I really enjoyed dressing up and matching earrings to a pretty outfit- it's something that I miss a lot. Customers were always giving me lovely compliments on my styling coordination.
I got these rockin' long black circle ones from Diva. They're perfect with that little black dress. Turns out I'm not the only gal who thought that- a lot of people bought these beauties, too! Great minds think alike. One time I wore these to a party and I had five girls tell me that they have the same earrings. I've also been out at night and have seen quite a few girls sporting them. An actress even wore them on Home And Away. I love it when my good taste is affirmed.
Earrings are great for adding that special detail. I love that they can complement an outfit and make it pop. I especially like pairing my big hoops or long dangling earrings with maxi dresses/skirts in summer.
I know I haven't achieved very much this year thanks to The Headache From Hell, but I am determined to get a few things in my bedroom and craft room organised.
I can now cross jewellery organisation off my to-do list. Yeah!

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