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marbled chocolate cheesecake brownies

by - Sunday, July 14, 2013

I love baking brownies. I love their simplicity, their taste, texture and smell. They're a favourite for most people. I really like how they can be served as an afternoon sweet treat or as a dessert topped with icecream. Those moist, fudgy and fluffy sensational squares are just the best!
Last year I tried out a new brownie recipe: marbled chocolate cheesecake brownies. When I first saw that ricotta cheese was used in this recipe, I was put off. Ricotta cheese in a brownie? Really? I just couldn't imagine it. That's probably because I'm not usually a fan of the stuff at the best of times.
But it was the irresistible picture of the brownie slice in all of its gooey, cheesecakey, chocolatey glory that convinced me to give this recipe a whirl. It was just meant to be.
The first batch I made, I hated. I thought they tasted horrible. To me, the ricotta cheese didn't really work for this brownie. It was weird. The cheese flavour overpowered and ruined the chocolate for me. That said, my Mumma and Sweet Nan loved them.
So just before Sweet Nan passed away I made a second batch for her when she was in hospital. She was impressed by how moist they turned out. My family and I sat with her and stuffed our faces, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed the brownies second time around. I guess it's an acquired taste.
This brownie recipe has become very special to me. I'll always remember how much Sweet Nan enjoyed these brownies and how much love I put into baking them.
If you're looking to bake some brownies with a twist, this is the recipe to try.
Source: Recipe adapted from Blissful Brownies

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