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Double Layer Cherry Ripe Cake

by - Saturday, February 02, 2013

My father loves Cherry Ripe chocolate, which is why I always seem to be baking with it. Recently, I attempted having a go at my first double layer chocolate cake for his birthday. It turned out to be the best cake I have made so far. He shared it with his work colleagues who are crazy chocolate lovers. They must have been happy with it to consume a second helping!
Although my application of the chocolate ganache needs a bit of work, it was a success nonetheless. Though, I must warn you, this cake is not for the weak. It is sickly rich. Sinful, even. I should probably admit that I started struggling to finish my piece after I got half way through. You need to have a pretty strong sweet tooth for this one.
I sure had a lot of fun making it. I adapted the cake recipe from The Australian Women's Weekly Cakes & Slices Cookbook. At first I intended on joining my cakes with chocolate frosting, but when searching for inspiration, I came across a cherry coconut buttercream recipe from an amazing food blog, and thought it the perfect fit for this cake. My cake looks crap in comparison, but hey, it's my interpretation.
I swear I took photos of the inside of the cake but it looks like I forgot. Either that, or in my brain fogged state I accidentally deleted them.
You can grab the chocolate ganache and the cherry coconut buttercream recipe from Delicieux if you fancy giving this cake a go. For decorating the top of my cake I chose to sprinkle a grated cherry ripe bar. I also topped it with a chopped up cherry ripe bar, along with flake chocolate.
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It sure did make for a great surprise birthday cake, and I'm certain this cake would be appreciated by cherry chocolate lovers on Valentine's Day. It really is the cake of love.


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