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chocolate christmas cupcakes with festive frosting

by - Friday, December 14, 2012

I made these chocolate christmas cupcakes last year. They were really fun to make. They were enjoyable to eat too, although I know the colour of the icing doesn't look all that appetising... but don't let that fool you! They make a great festive and fun christmas cupcake. I promise!
This recipe was adapted from The Australian Women's Weekly easy cupcakes by colour. To frost these cupcakes I made two separate batches of icing (so you'll need double ingredients) and used red food colouring in one batch and green food colouring in the other. For decoration I used red and green Jimmies.
I bought the cupcake picks from Target, they just happened to come with some cupcake cases that I want to use for future christmas cupcakes. I thought they would match well with these cupcakes, but I didn't end up liking them. I think I'll have a go at making my own the next year I want to use cupcake picks.

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