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Manicare Glamnails Nail Art Pen Review

by - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I recently came across a new nail art pen range while browsing in a beauty store- Manicare Glamnails nail art pens. I had never tried nail art pens before as I was wary about how well the formula would flow, but I took a gamble and decided on trying out Jet Black.
These pens have a water based formula and are quick drying. They are created specifically for drawing designs on your nails with ease and must be used on top of dry polish or a base coat.
I did not find this pen easy to use in the slightest. It took me five minutes just to get the pen working. I had to keep clicking it a few times too many (not arthritis friendly) until the formula started to flow, and when it came, it didn't flow smoothly. It came out all at once, making a mess on my nails and the formula was way too watery. Instead of nice black stripes, I had big black blobs on my nails. The lack of consistency means product wastage.
The only good thing about the formula that really impressed me was how easy it was to remove. It can be removed using a cotton tip without destroying your existing colour.
I don't recommend this product. It doesn't make nail art any easier, you are much better off sticking to nail art brushes and good old nail polish.
My rating: 1/5


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