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I won something. I'm having chicken for dinner.

by - Sunday, November 25, 2012

One of the most exciting things about this year was winning a gift voucher from a scratch 'n' win card to spend at one of my favourite craft stores. It seems so silly that I'd get so much happiness from something most would consider no big deal. You're probably thinking grow up and get a life woman. But it's the first time I've won something decent in my life, so I think I'm allowed to be just a little excited.
winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Ok, so maybe I was a little over-the-top-excited when running around the house waving the card, squealing I got ten dollars!! But with this win I could buy a few little crafty things to add to my stash. Ten dollars worth of pretty scrapbooking paper? Don't mind if I do!
Here's what Kaisercraft papers I bought home:
'Charming' from the Magnolia Grove Collection, 'Raindrops' from the Fine & Sunny Collection
'Silver Lining' from the Sweet Nothings Collection, 'Cloudy' from the Fine & Sunny Collection
'Knickers' from the Madame Boutique Collection, 'Luxury' from the Magnolia Grove Collection.


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