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Rockin' a bun

by - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm the girl with the matching handbag and colour coordinated accessories. I like to fool people into thinking that I'm highly organised, fit, and fabulous.
I enjoy buying new clothes and I'll use any excuse to dress up and don lace, frills, and floral prints. I'm practically obsessed when it comes to planning outfits. I like to put a bit of thought into them - where is the joy in just whacking on a pair of worn out jeans, and a that'll do jumper?
These days though, I'm usually moping pottering around home looking as publicly unacceptable as possible. Some days my hair is so oily, you could fry food on it (ew, disturbing visual that was). So when I do feel up to going (or when I force myself to go, which is usually the case) somewhere important or special, I like getting all dolled up. Whipping on a bit of lippy and styling my hair differently brings me happiness. It's a chance for me to appear healthy and normal.
That's what I enjoyed most about working once a week (I use past tense, as I'm taking a break from work for a bit to try and tame this fatigue beast) - it was an opportunity for me wear pretty dresses, look professional, and fake healthiness. Every week I gave the illusion that I had it all together, when I was really just falling apart - I would come home from work and cry, and spend my days between shifts struggling. This hairdo would say otherwise, don't you think?
For the first time in... well, I can't remember, I managed to get my hair into a kind of professional looking bun! An awful lot of hairspray and bobby pins allowed me to rock this huge stylish bun my whole shift. Okay, so it's not a sock bun like I wanted, but it's a bun, and it's much better than my miserable sock bun attempt.
I styled my hair AND survived another shift. Take that CFS, take that!
I'll bounce back from this fatigue flare and enjoy many more bun rockin' days at work again soon, I'm sure.
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