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Lynx Anarchy For Her Deodorant Bodyspray Review

by - Tuesday, October 09, 2012


I recently bought this new limited edition deodorant to try - Lynx Anarchy For Her, which doubles as a deodorant and bodyspray.

Now, normally I wouldn't write a review for a limited edition product as it's pointless, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that this product is quite similar to others in the Lynx range.

I like to try different products and change things up every now and then, and seeing as this was the cheapest option in the supermarket that day, I took the opportunity to try it out. But it was its name and presentation that really lured me in, convincing me to buy it. Damn you persuasive advertising powers, damn you.

So this product gets scores high points for packaging. It has a cool twist down cap which makes for an interesting change, compared to your standard pull off cap. The only bad thing about its packaging would be its bulkiness, it's not the ideal spray to be carrying in a small handbag when you need to freshen up.

After using this product for a few days, I thought it was fantastic - I enjoyed the smell which to me smelled as amazing as freshly washed hair (it smelt very similar to a nice shampoo) - and then I shaved.

Yeah, the smelling sweetness quickly diminishes when you have burning underarms. So, the rule is, if you use this product, you have to go all naturale. Not a good look for summer, folks!

If you have super sensitive skin I would just steer clear of this product (and maybe even brand). It would probably make your skin sting like crazy even if you didn't shave.

I used it inbetween shaves and avoided use entirely for the first two days after shaving. It would be a wonderful product if it weren't for the burning. I am disappointed and definitely won't be trying any other deodorants from the Lynx range.
My rating: 2/5

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