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My wardrobe looks more like a war zone

by - Saturday, August 04, 2012

Happy Saturday, Chronic Crafties! Today, I am sharing my wardrobe woes and my plans to create a stunning shabby chic style wardrobe. And yes, you should feel very special that you get to see the shameful state of my wardrobe because you rockin' readers are the only ones that get to.

This wardrobe was home to my clothes and shoes for a couple of years, squished into a corner of my bedroom which has now become my craft studio. It's a crappy IKEA wardrobe and it was nowhere near suitable enough to store everything that at our previous house fit perfectly in a DOUBLE built-in wardrobe.

See what I mean? It was quite an accomplishment to shove everything into a wardrobe that is even smaller than a single size built-in robe. But at the time, this wardrobe was the best solution. Papa Bear suggested getting rid of half my clothes, but I would hear none of it. Since living in this house, I have become quite talented at fitting everything into small spaces.

Prior to moving into this house, I got rid of all my old furniture as it was old and outdated. I had no storage for folded items (nor did I have any room to put the storage), so I had to use these baskets instead, which was not ideal, let me tell you!

As you can see, the hanging space isn't adequate. And don't get me started on the lack of shoe space!

When I moved my bedroom to the shoebox room upstairs, I was excited to have a wardrobe with some decent space again. That was until I realised that the new dresser drawers I bought for the room weren't going to fit, and that the wardrobe doors needed to be taken off so I could put the drawers in the wardrobe, leaving me even less room to hang clothes than the crappy IKEA wardrobe!

This is the view from my bed. It's an eyesore. My wardrobe looks more like a war zone.

Not everything fits in those new drawers either, they only hold so much. Ahh, first world problems. So now I'm back to square one with insufficient wardrobe space. My IKEA wardrobe that's in my craft studio which was supposed to be used for craft storage, is still being used to store some clothes.

So I kind of have two wardrobes now and I'm getting sick of the unorganised chaos. I just can't cope with it much longer. Things obviously have to change, because this whole forcing things to fit isn't working for me anymore. For starters, I'm thinking of getting rid off the majority of my wardrobe seeing has Humira has me stacking on the weight, and nothing fits me anymore. As much as I hate  the amount of weight I've put on, it's kind of a good thing as it forces me to throw stuff out and make more space.

I've also decided to rearrange my craft studio (I'll post on that soon) so that I can put the dresser drawers in that room. I've also got some space saving ideas thanks to Pinterest that I plan on trying. And I also want to turn this wardrobe into a functional, gorgeous to look at shabby chic style wardrobe. I'm thinking of still leaving the doors off as they were ugly anyway, and putting up a pretty curtain. I'm also going to wallpaper the inside!

Does your wardrobe look worse than this? Please, make me feel better. x

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