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Why I wish money grew on trees

by - Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't you ever wish money grew on trees? I do. Being a craftaholic, a fair chunk of my pay goes into buying the latest craft tools, stamps and embellishments, which don't come cheap.

My papercraft addiction combined with my handbag fetish, and my obsession with facial skincare products means that sometimes my savings suffer.

This year I definitely want to save more, which is why I wish money grew on trees, because as of late I have been drooling over these beauties, that I just can't help wanting... no, needing.

Kaisercraft are killing me. I am a goner whenever I walk into that store. Their latest collection, Charlottes Dream, is absolutely gorgeous. Shabby chic, vintage style cards? Yes! Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE!

I urgently need a variety of die-cut shapes for both cardmaking and scrapbooking. I like the look of  the Spellbinders Nestabilities die-cuts. They come in zillions of funky shapes and they are compatible with my cuttlebug too!
I so want need a Cricut Cake machine. It does all the crafty things I want PLUS it produces thousands of shapes, fonts, messages and designs for professional looking cakes. Oh. my. gosh. must. have.

Groupon have some great online coupons. Their daily deals keep popping up on facebook and in my gmail account to torment me. I like the sound of some of those spa treatment packages. You can check out their Australian site here, and their New Zealand one here.

I have wanted a Nissan Micra to zip around in ever since they came out. In lilac. Lurve.

I use to have a treadmill. It was my 18th birthday present way back when I had a love for exercise and fitness. When I got sick I would walk a little bit each day in my pyjamas. That was until Brother Bear broke it (by accident). Oh how I miss that machine. I want another. In pink to be precise.

I am a skincare junkie. I'm a huge fan of face masks. I desperately want to try the Dermalogica range. If only they didn't cost $50-$70 {sigh}.

You all know how much I love nail art. This professional Konad stamping kit would be fab! It screams fun times, creativity and happiness. What a pity it costs a whopping.... wait for it.... $540!!  Yup. I kid you not. Think nail art is a cheap hobby? Well, if you're obsessed like me, think again.

It's amazing how much joy some sparklicious nails bring me. I just adore the muppets collection from OPI. I want one in every colour.

I recently ordered some blog cards from Vistaprint. I'm really happy with them! Now, when I finally get to a blog event or when people ask me for my blog details I now have a card to give instead of some crappy writing on paper. Yay! I could go mental with making some cute blog stationary.

So there you have it. My reasons for why I wish money grew on trees. There are just too many nice and pretty things.

What things are you drooling over?

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