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What I'm Wearing #10

by - Sunday, February 05, 2012

Back in December I went to a Christmas lunch with some of the gorgeous girls that I went to high school with. I had a really great time. Here's what I wore:

Jeans: Valleygirl
Shoes: Target
Top: Unknown
Earrings: Zamels

I thought I'd take the opportunity to dress up a bit, seeing as I don't get to go out as much as I used to. Unfortunately I can't remember where I got that top from. It's pretty and I love that it covers up the weight I have stacked on due to a long period on prednisolone. I bought it back at the start of spring last year.

Ladies in Melbourne, just for your information- I'm pretty sure that you can still get a pair of these heels for $10 at Target. They have other pretty colours too.


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