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What I'm Wearing #6

by - Thursday, November 10, 2011

I probably should have had this photo taken before walkin' round the city for a couple of hours, but anywhoo, let's just ignore the fact that I look buggered, that my clothes need a good iron and that the wind is blowing my skirt all crazy.

This is what I wore a couple of weekends ago when I met the lovely Carly Findlay for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. It was so much fun! This will hopefully be the last winterish outfit I'll be wearing because spring has finally shown up. About time. And summer is only a few weeks away! Weehoo! I am super excited about being able to rock some maxi dresses and skirts.

My boots are from Payless Shoes, the skirt and shirt are from Valley Girl and the jacket is from @ Top Shop. It's getting a bit small for me now because I'm starting to beef out on prednisolone, and I've had to up the dose today. Joy. Oh, and the headband is from a $2 shop! Isn't it pretty?


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