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What I'm Wearing #5

by - Tuesday, November 01, 2011

On the weekend my family and I went to nan's for lunch. It's kind of a tradition, it feels odd if I don't go. We've always had lunch together every single weekend since I was little and, oh my goodness, there is always so much fattening food involved. Pies, pasta, wedges with sour cream, garlic bread, icecream, chocolate cake, caramel slice. Yep, I usually do eat just about anything and everything that is put on the table. During the week I'm very strict with what I eat- I religiously juice heaps of fruit and vegetables too, so when it comes to the weekend I kind of like to go all out and undo my hard work enjoy myself. Here's what I wore:

My favourite spring top. We had a couple of lovely spring days but now it's cold and raining again, so I won't be sporting cute outfits like this this week. Dear Melbourne, um, it's like summer in a few weeks and we haven't even seen much of spring. Please warm the heck up.

And I bet you're all dying to see what handbag I'm sporting. I went with white, obviously to match my top. Oh I know, clever!

Handbag is from Target, the pants are from Kmart and the shoes are either from Target or Kmart too. Want to guess where I got the top from? Yep, Target of course!


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