"Where there is creativity, there is hope." ~ Donna Karan

A worthwhile, wonderful week.

by - Sunday, October 30, 2011

This week I have achieved incredible things despite feeling like rubbish. In hindsight I've probably taken on too much and even though I'm feeling quite hideous now, it was well worth it. I probably won't be saying this at 12pm tonight but hell, I am getting a life regardless of whether my body wants to cooperate or not. Is this foolish? Probably.

I feel awful and my body is screaming at me to stop but right now I am refusing to surrender because I have achieved amazing things and I will continue to achieve amazing things. Chronic illness may slow me down, but it's not stopping me. I think this dreadful bout of depression has kind of been a good thing in a way because it has made me more determined.

I am getting a life baby! Watch me.

This week I viciously vacuumed and scrubbed my little red car squeaky clean (it was absolutely filthy). I felt like I had run a marathon afterwards but the satisfaction of cleaning my car all by myself brought me great joy. I even ventured to the shops, too.

That's not all, either. I even exercised! Yep. I went for a slow fifteen minute walk around a lovely lake with beautiful swans, birds and dragonflies. I loved it!! Not loving it so much now but mentally, I really needed it. It was so great to have the freedom to do that. Lately I haven't been able to enjoy doing that because I've been feeling so smashed from my weekly workout at the gym but I've been abit naughty and haven't been going these past couple of weeks.

Such a rebel.

Two weeks ago, I just couldn't manage to go as the pain was just too bad and I felt too sick from all the codeine I had to take. Believe it or not, I am still waiting for medicare to process my application and send out my script for humira (yes, my rheumatologist has changed her mind and I'll be trying humira instead of enbrel) and my exercise physiologist never called me back so whatever. I'm over it. I'll just stick to short walks (I'm aiming between 2-3 times a week, but I know that that won't be possible some weeks) because that's all I can manage right now and that is OK. That is good enough.

Today was really special. I met Melbourne superstar blogger Carly Findlay. She blogs over at Tune Into Radio Carly. The rudeness, insensitivity, ignorance and adversity she deals with on a daily basis is incredibly admirable. We had an afternoon of and shopping- drooling over shoes and pretty dresses. Carly is just too darn adorable if you ask me and she has the most amazing fashion sense. The girl has got style! I am thrilled that I got to meet her.

Back pain has been much better to deal with this week and heck did I ever make the most of it. To anyone who thinks that I don't get out enough, that I don't exercise enough, try hard enough and to those that imply that my good enough isn't good enough-


It is weeks like this that give me hope. Has this week been easy? No. But depression, pain and fatigue aside I've had a wonderful week. Worth celebrating I think! I may even go and buy my favourite mud cake. I think I've earned it.

{When searching images for this post I came across this way happy picture of carebears and thought that'll do.}

*** The next time I'm housebound and feeling hopeless, remind me of this post, okay? x


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