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Things get worse before they get better, right?

by - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

These last few weeks have been challenging to say the least.

I saw my rheumatologist last week, eager for the opportunity to trial stronger drugs after a successful four week trial on prednisolone. I was told that if prednisolone gave me relief, it opened up the possibility for better pain relief.

Unfortunately, it's just not as simple as a successful cortisone trial to qualify for stronger drugs. At the moment I don't quite meet the criteria. Had I known this, I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up as high as I did.

Seeing as prednisolone did give me a little relief, it suggests the possibility of psoriatic arthritis. So I was sent off for yet another back x-ray.

After my exercise session which I also had last week, my back pain increased incredibly. I've had a couple of rough nights, two days were spent on panadiene forte, the pain has started shooting round to my chest and ribs again and I'm now finding it quite the struggle on 10mg of prednisolone.

I received a message on my phone yesterday morning with the results of my x-ray.


Because the results were normal, my rheumatologist wanted me to reduce my prednisolone dosage. I called the receptionist.


Of course, I said it in more polite words than that. I stressed that I was struggling to function and that I've been taking panadiene forte to get by, so she kindly slotted me in the next appointment they had spare.

So today, I was back in my rheumatologists office again, armed with questions. This time an MRI has been ordered and I have no choice but to drop my prednisolone dosage from 10mg to 7.5mg. The reason being is that my other joints (hands, knees, elbows, shoulders) upon examination are too good on the current dosage, so by reducing it we're hoping for a flare in my other joints which will hopefully help my case.

Confusing much?

Oh the joy of negative test results. This pain is taking a lot longer to get sorted because it doesn't show up in blood tests or basic x-rays. I'm not the only one either. My rheumatologist told me today that I have a twin patient with the same problems as me!

I am not alone. I am freaking not alone.

So until my next appointment in two weeks time I'll be reducing the prednisolone and with my rheumatologists permission, relying on panadiene forte for temporary pain relief.

Things are going to get better. Oh yes they are! Things get worse before they get better, right? Riiiiight?

These next couple of weeks are going to be a blast, but I will get by the best that I can. Please send chocolate.


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