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Parking Fine Prank

by - Friday, August 19, 2011

I started exercise rehab on Wednesday. WOO without the hoo. I drove myself there and parked in the gym car park provided at the rear, as you do.

I completed a thirty minute low impact work-out, then stumbled back to my car (I was feeling pretty smashed by this point) and then proceeded on my merry way home in the pouring rain.

It was the first time I had driven there on my own, and as I was homeward bound, I just had to take a wrong turn and get lost, didn't I?

Disorientation and fatigue post work-out are a disastrous combination, I tell you. Not to worry though, I fluked the way home after five minutes of driving around in a frazzled and flustered state.

On the bright side, at least I know the way now but little did I know that I had accumulated a parking fine.

 During my work-out. Un-freaking believable.

I awoke on Thursday morning feeling pretty darn miserable, compliments of CFS. I bolted straight for the kettle, a caffeine fix beckoned.

In my fatigue-foggy-brained-post-work-out-I-feel-like-poop-state, I squinted at the light dancing through the kitchen window and admired my lovely little red car parked in the driveway.

This picture perfect scene lasted less than two seconds. It was rudely spoilt by what looked liked the remains of a big fat parking fine sitting on the windscreen. I raced outside, pyjamas and all, and ripped that evil piece of practically unsalavagable paper off my precious car.

Who needs caffeine when you've got a parking fine to get you going?

It was rain stained and all of the print had run. It nearly crumbled to pieces when I picked it up. I held it up to the light in a panicked attempt to try and discipher the text.


That's all the information I could gather. All the other details were washed away by the rain.

I freaked out.

How could I not have noticed it on my windscreen when I left the gym? How did it stay on my car in the pouring rain with the windscreen wipers going?


Gosh. That rain must have super glued it mightily to the windscreen. Miracles happen. No, surely this can't be true. This cannot be happening to me. This has got to be a joke.

This has got to be a joke.

I sat down and tried to calm myself and then became even more distressed when I realised I could just make out that a box had been ticked for stating what I'd done wrong.


What. The. Hell? I burst into tears. I got a ridiculous fine that I couldn't even see all the details of. The all important contact and payment details had been completely washed away.

All I did was park in the bloody gym car park. I did nothing wrong. How can they fine me for that?

The bastards.

I will give them a piece of my mind.

I quickly found the number for Kingston City Council to call and explain what had happened and to ask who to speak to regarding the ridiculous matter.

I had the number ready to go. I had the I am a chronically ill person on disability, I cannot afford to pay this stupid fine, you should feel sorry for me, sob story ready to go.

But for some reason I phoned my mumma at work first. Lucky I did.

I was the victim of a prank.

Yep. That's right, my sneaky little sister (she's not that little, only a couple years younger than me) had printed a professional, fully legitimate looking parking fine ticket off the internet and put it on my windscreen Thursday morning before she left for work.

And I fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker.

It seriously looked like it had survived the weather beating from the day before.

What's even funnier is that she made the first half of the ticket to look real and the second half to look fake so that she only had me fooled for a second, but because the rain had ruined it I could only make out bits and pieces of the legitimate looking half of it. Apparently the $200 was actually in pounds!

Fortunately for her, the rain the day before and the rain that came after she placed it on my car, worked in her favour. It was very believable. Had I seen the tell-tale signs of the prank on the ticket, I would never have fell for it. I'm not that stupid.

Then again, I was foolish to believe that it had stayed stuck to my windscreen despite heavy rain. Miracles happen, ya know?

In my defense, I've been feeling terribly unwell this week. I have the brain functioning of a pug.

It was just so lucky that my mumma was informed of the prank, otherwise the poor person answering the phones at Kingston City Council would have had a crazy, highly medicated woman carrying on about a parking fine that didn't exist.


Yesterday afternoon was a long one, I never heard the end of it. My sister gloating in all of her professional prankster glory. I gotta admit, this prank was perfectly timed so kudos to you lil' sis.

I am never gonna live this one down. I will forever be hearing about this one. I'll be taking this sucker to my grave.

I'm not gullible, I'm just a little tired and unwell.

Yes, go on, have a giggle at how talented and amazingly gullible I am. This girl's got incredible skill.


Pay back is a bitch, lil' sis. Pay back is a bitch.

Watch. Your. Back.

***** Have you been a victim of a prank like this? Have you ever fallen for something this stupid and felt like the biggest idiot walkin' round town? Console me, please x

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