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Another Frustrating Appointment- Part 1

by - Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I consulted my doctor again last week about my persistent perplexing back and stomach pain. I was slightly hesitant to push for answers because I've been feeling a little overcome and overwhelmed and I just don't want to have to face another round of inconclusive tests.

I'd much rather just curl up in a ball, give the world the finger and surrender to defeat.

I've been trying to ignore the pain and keep myself moving. I even exercised the other week in hope that my body would just snap out of whatever this thing is. My attempts have been futile.

The pain is getting worse, especially with movement. I guess that's what happens when left untreated. A five minute drive sends pain shooting down my spine. Hell, it even hurts to type. Sitting and resting doesn't seem to put the pain at bay either.

Although a frustrating one, I am so glad that I decided to make another appointment. The outcome? We're both baffled.

We don't even know if the pain is originating from my back or my stomach but at least we have endometriosis pain ruled out. That's a start.

At this stage the possible causes could be 1) kidney problems, but I have no urinary symptoms 2) gallstones- I laughed at that one! 3) a spinal tumor or 4) arthritis.

I'll take option number four thanks.

I'm pinning my hopes on arthritis because I already have it so of course that makes the most sense. I originally thought it was arthritis pain but doctors were convinced it was endometriosis causing havoc. My doctor believes that arthritis makes more sense too.

She thinks it's possible that a joint could be out in my ribs and that's what is causing the radiating pain right round my back and stomach but she hasn't seen a case of rheumatoid arthritis in a back in over 10 years. So apparently it's rare. Maybe I'm special?

I have noticed an increase in my joint pain as of late but I just put it down to the cold weather. However, methotrexate seems to be doing zilch. Even my hips hurt and I never get pain in my hips. If arthritis is in fact the culprit it would mean that the mild symptoms are inevitably becoming more serious.

I definitely think I need a better drug. My doctor doesn't understand how this pain could possibly get through with all the drugs I'm on to control the arthritis pain. Good grief, I'm on the highest dose of methotrexate possible in tablet form for arthritis plus I take anti-inflammatory pills.

So what's the next step?

We've decided on the sensible option of a simple x-ray first but we're both worried that nothing will show up. If that's the case I'll have to quiz my rheumatologist but I'm scared she'll just give me drugs that won't do anything. I have a feeling that another MRI is a must.

I had my x-ray done yesterday and after two quick pictures the radiographer asked me where most of the pain was with a puzzled look on her face. I'm guessing that means nothing showed up. How typical.

So for now I'm just waiting for the results and trying to get through each day as best as I can. At this point I'm not worried and I don't even care what's wrong, I just want some pain relief and I'd like to know what the hell is wrong with me. Please.

Oh the frustration!

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