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Shabby Chic Saturday: Kitchen Renovations Madness

by - Saturday, May 14, 2011

It has been complete madness and even mayhem for my family and I (especially for my parents!) as we are enduring the ordeal of getting a new kitchen installed along with new light fittings and new floors...need I say more? This is how we have been living for the last few months:

With our new kitchen waiting to be installed smack bang in the middle of the dining/living room! Oh the problems we have had with this. A couple of days after it was delivered we had a major mouse problem, we had this same mouse running around for about a week that we just couldn't catch. We tried everything- traps, bait, peanut butter, even a wall plug in! Going to the toilet when it's dark and opening the door to almost step on a mouse running around wasn't very enjoyable but eventually it disappeared. Then sure enough, six weeks later we have another mouse running around! This time though it got caught in the trap and we thought we got them all until another one decided to show itself a couple of hours later! At first we thought the first mouse was delivered with the kitchen because it kept hiding in there but when more came to visit we figured it must be because of all the holes in the floors, walls and ceiling due to massive laundry and kitchen renovations. Yuck.

So here is how we've been living for the last couple of weeks while our new kitchen is being installed:

We've been using the dining table as our kitchen bench while our old kitchen gets ripped out and the outside table is being used to store everything in the study.

 This is our temporary pantry proudly on display in the dining room.

And after ripping up all the lino, this is what is left to walk on- dirty nail filled floor boards. I can't wait to be able to rug up and wear my slippers instead of having to wear slip on shoes. I wish my dad could fix these floor boards up I really love the country shabby style look of them! But floor boards are not ideal in kitchens, we could have them in the dinning area but unfortunately they are just too dodgy so floating floor boards it is!

I am happy to say that after what has felt like forever, our kitchen is now installed and looking lovely (pictures coming soon!), with no more mice running around, hooray! We have been able to use it for the past few days which has been wonderful but we haven't been able to actually put everything in and get full use of it as we still have a lot of work that needs to be finished. You might be wondering how on earth did we manage to wash dishes? Well, we used the laundry sink! But unfortunately that is no longer an option as it's now blocked off for kitchen floor tiling to get underway. So the kitchen is a complete no go zone for probably 48 hours possibly more, and my bathroom sink is now being used for washing dishes- hilarious! I just can't wait for everything to get back to normal so I can get back to my baking self, it's been a blast but I'm beyond over it. At least things are moving though, even if it is very slow. I wish I could say the same on the craft room front- things have halted because I've just been feeling too unwell but hopefully I'll be able to get back into organising it soon.



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