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Endometriosis Pain Survival Kit

by - Monday, May 02, 2011

Endometriosis hasn't really been much of an issue for me health wise for the past year and a half. I've still experienced the pain of it as a result of adhesions but compared to previous years, it has been much more manageable. That all changed recently. With every cycle the pain has gotten progressively worse and my bladder problems are now becoming quite bothersome. A couple of weeks ago I survived the period from hell. Bad back pain, stomach cramps, leg cramps, heavy bleeding, clotting, diarrhoea, urinary frequency, painful urination- all signs that the endo monster is back and here to stay.

Here I am now mid cycle and I'm still struggling. The pain has gotten so bad that I've been feeling quite unwell and nauseous. It feels like I'm getting a urinary tract infection... but I'm not. I've been putting off making an appointment with the gynaecologist because there aren't many options other than hormonal treatment (I'm running out of ones to try) which only render me a monster, or surgery which comes with double the risk of more adhesions, which means more pain which can't be fixed. I decided that unless I was curled up in a ball cuddling heat packs on four hourly doses of ponstan and panadiene forte that I would avoid treatment for as long as possible. Much to my dismay that day has arrived.

On Friday morning I woke up with horrid lower back pain. I had a shower which eased the pain slightly and so I went to work. The pain got much worse with movement, it hurt to walk, drive and bend over. I spent most of my shift seated trying not to cry. At first I thought it was arthritis pain but it didn't make sense that I had taken all my medications on time and that I had had a dose of methotrexate the day before... I shouldn't have been in that much pain. I knew it was highly likely to be Endometriosis pain but that much pain when you're not even on your period? I never remembered having that much pain in my back with Endometriosis. When I got home I decided that it was panadiene forte worthy pain, popped two pills and went to bed. Four hours later I gained no relief popped another pill only to wake up an hour later with left sided stomach pain and nausea- that's when I knew that the Endometriosis monster was really settling in for the long haul. I got three hours sleep that night. So not kidding.

Still suffering on Saturday, I wound up at the doctors to be prescribed more panadiene forte and ponstan four hourly and handed a referral to the gynecologist. The extreme pain was put down to ovulation pain which is a symptom of Endometriosis. And let me tell you, ovulation pain sucks. I'm not even on my period and my pain is worse than the period pain I normally experience. I can tolerate a lot of pain and this pain was definitely pushing the boundaries. Come Monday and if I'm still struggling, I was advised to make an appointment as soon as possible with the gynaecologist. It's suspected that my bladder is probably attached to my left ovary again, and that ovulating has flared everything out of control.

This is how I spent my weekend. Oh the joys of Endometriosis.

(I couldn't even hold a camera properly!)

Essential to surviving Endometriosis pain: dvd's, cute heat packs, panadiene forte, ponstan, laxative (may need this from all that codeine) and orange juice (I was too nauseous to drink anything else). I did enjoy my dvd's, but it wasn't an enjoyable weekend. For those interested, I watched Toy Story 3 (loved it!), Saw the final chapter (probably not the best choice when not well but it was good), She's out of my league (worst movie ever) and I am still yet to watch The Boy in the striped pyjamas (I read the book and have been hanging out to see the movie, it's so sad through.)

Today I'm off panadiene forte but I have to take ponstan to get by and I'm still in discomfort and pain. Everything just feels like it's all stuck together so I'm wondering if I have more than one adhesion. It's horrible. I hate this. I'm now experiencing pain on a daily basis once again because of this stupid disease. I've got an appointment with the gynecologist this week to discuss treatment options. Thankfully they had a cancellation and I was desperate enough to take any appointment they could give me. Here I go again...


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