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Shabby Chic Saturday- Beautiful Bedding

by - Saturday, March 05, 2011

I have saved really hard over the past year so I can furnish my bedroom (and now craft studio!) exactly how I've wanted it since the age of 13. I've only ever  lived in rented houses and up until now there was only so much I could do. I couldn't hang pictures where I wanted and I couldn't paint my room in my favourite colour, so there was no real point in trying to decorate, but now I finally can! I am SO excited!!

I move into my craft studio this week, which is way sooner than I expected! I better get a move on and sort through all the junk I have accumulated over the years. This week I will be moving my bedroom upstairs and working on getting that sorted and then it's time to tackle my craft studio and order some desks along with storage units so I have more than just a tiny desk to create on.

For the past month I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new bed. I'm upgrading to a double bed seeing as I will have more room (and because I've always wanted one!) and it finally arrives on Monday, followed by the mattress which comes on Wednesday! I am so looking forward to moving out of this small, squishy, claustrophobic space!

This is what awaits me this week!

It's exactly the same style that I have now, just a size up. I'm selling mine on eBay which will help pay for all the bed linen that I now have to get. The bonus with this bed is that I bought it on sale and it worked out a better deal to buy the whole package, so I'll now have bedside tables and a dresser to match, whereas before I just had the single bed. The reason why I am sticking with the same style bed is because it's perfect for the shabby chic style bedroom that I want to create, and my parents bought my current single bed as a birthday present so it's special. My mission for the next month will be to transform this bed into a beautiful shabby chic bed, piled with pillows and linen that matches the colour of my walls. The colour of my current bedroom is a deep purple (the colour turned out darker than I wanted it to) and the new bedroom that I'm moving into is lilac- a much more relaxing and softer colour, which is exactly what I wanted in the first place.

This is my current bed. No room for bedside tables here. The wall hasn't been patched up as there is no point as it will soon be transformed into a craft storage cupboard! I wish I could keep this quilt cover though. It's exactly what I want and it would match the colour of my new room perfectly.

It is so difficult to find a lilac one that looks right. Such a pity it doesn't come in a double, but the bonus is that I am now on the hunt for some gorgeous linen. So far I have narrowed it down to 3 ......

I don't mind this one but it's not exactly what I want either. I'm thinking it's a little too much purple, especially with purple walls this may just give me a headache.

I'm thinking pink for a change and I really like this one, but I think it suits better with pale pink walls.

I'm leaning towards this one. The purple isn't overpowering and I'm thinking the blue will help break up the whole lilac theme I've got going so it's not so blinding. I love the valance too! This looks like it will match, but I'm going to hit the shops to see if I can find anything better than what eBay has to offer.....


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