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Best Buys Of The Week (4/3/11 Edition)

by - Friday, March 04, 2011

The following are all of my best purchases from over the past two months as I didn't get around to posting them and I also haven't been anywhere near the shops due to worsening fatigue, which is probably a good thing! Normally fatigue won't stop me from shopping online but I've been to exhausted to even work out my finances so I haven't really done any shopping at all. I'm reaching my goal to shop less already! Go me! I'm considering changing 'best buys of the week' to 'best buys of the month', I think that will work MUCH better but for now here are my best buys....

I got an apron! It's girly, it's pretty and it's floral! At $7, I love it! I'm hoping this will motivate me to bake some cupcakes soon! I'm just waiting for our new kitchen to be installed (which is very soon!) and then I can bake away my anger and frustration.

I'm hoping to be able to sell some handmade goodies for Easter, depending on how I'm feeling. I have some delcious truffles planned and I thought these little gorgeous gift bags would be great to present them in. They cost $2.50 for a pack of 5 which is as cheap as I can find them so I'm pretty happy!

They come with the matching ribbon to tie them up with too! I grabbed another pack in pink also, so when I've made them up, I'll show you!

I also picked up a sunflower stamp for cardmaking, from a $2 shop it has ink stains on the display image, but the stamp is completely fine, perfect for the cards I have in mind!

 I cannot wait to craft with these adorable flower embellishments!

Some ribbon to begin a start on Easter crafts. The colours look really drab in the picture but they are a really gorgeous assortment of blue, pink, white and yellow- perfect for Easter crafts!

I picked up this little cute gem of a card for 50 cents and the image isn't copyrighted, so I'm using the image to build from in one of my cards! This will be perfect for a little girls birthday card, love it!

I bought the following from a Christian bookstore online because they had a sale and I've been really struggling emotionally/spritually lately so I really wanted needed them! I woke up this morning to receive them in the mail, perfect timing as I've had a rotten week.

Coping With Chronic Illness by H. Norman Wright & Lynn Ellis. I'm not really coping very well at the moment and I'm feeling very negative so I need all the help I can get! I'm hoping this book will help pull me out of my feeling hopeless rut. From the brief flick through that I've had today, it looks EXCELLENT! It's got so many helpful strategies, it's got a variety of personal stories of peoples struggles with all kinds of illnesses, it talks a lot about chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and it's full of positivity and hope. Just what I need at $10, score! I can't wait to write the book review for you!

And lastly I got the latest album 'Aftermath' from Hillsong United. Super excited! When I'm feeling down, I just chuck on a worship cd and it's instantly uplifiting. I will be playing this a lot over the next week.

Track Listing:

01. take heart
02. go
03. like an avalanche
04. rhythms of grace
05. aftermath
06. b.e. (interlude)
07. bones
08. father
09. nova
10. light will shine
11. search my heart
12. awakening

I've listened to it once today and so far my favourite songs are track 11 & 12, but my gosh are the lyrics on this cd powerful!


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