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Best Fashion Buys Of Summer 2010/2011

by - Friday, March 11, 2011

I can't believe we are in autumn already, where did time go? More importantly, where did summer go? Living in Melbourne, I personally believe that we got ripped off this summer, it was hardly a summer at all! Most of the time it was cool and raining and now we have to face winter again but I guess fashion makes it more bearable. I hardly got to wear my new summer clothes that I bought so I am definitely looking forward to summer and spring again! Okay so here are my best buys from over the summer of 2010/2011:

I have wanted this top ever since it came out at the start of spring of last year. Being the smart (and savvy!) shopper that I am I refused to pay $30 for it and so I waited and waited.....and waited some more for it to go on sale. Sure enough last month I got it for $14! Bargain. I love the combination of stripes and the pearl necklace attached, 2 in 1 buys are just the best! This lovely top comes from Target, although you probably already guessed that if you're a regular reader, ha!

Skinny denim crop pants- $15, Big W

Skinny faded jeans- $10, Valley Girl

Cargo pants- $20, Target

Maxi skirt- $20, Big W

Maxi skirt- $20, Big W

Print tank $7, Big W 

Lace motif tank- $7, Big W

Boobtube (I wear it as a skirt, it works well! Another 2 in 1 buy!)- $8, Big W

Maxi skirt (yep, I love my maxi skirts!)- $20, Big W

Lace tank- $4, Target

Print tank- $7, Big W. Love this!

I have wanted this cardi for so long also and recently picked it up for $8 from Target! It will look lovely with boots in winter too! Score!

T-shirt and cardi (it's one of those ones that are combined, if that's even the right terminology?!)- $12, Target


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