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Christmas & New Year Celebrations 2010

by - Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A bit behind but I've finally gotten around to writing about my Christmas and New Years. I've been feeling more fatigued lately and so Christmas time for me was very draining but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Christmas Eve was spent wrapping presents with my sister and watching Carols by Candlelight on tv. I experienced great difficulty wrapping presents due to some gifts being awkwardly shaped which resulted in frustration and almost ended in angry, tired and overwhelmed tears. I think this year I will endeavour to shop based upon how easy the gifts will be to wrap! Every year I pledge not to leave my present wrapping until Christmas Eve but inevitebly I always seem to find myself at the last minute wrapping myself silly. It's crazy! Although, I must say I have improved. The Christmas before last I was up wrapping until 11.30pm. This time round I was done before 8pm. I'm making progress! Maybe I should make not leaving Christmas present wrapping until the last minute one of my top priority New Years resolutions. The same could be said about shopping. Last minute shopping ain't pretty.

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A delicious roast chicken was on the menu for Christmas eve dinner. My Dad the chef. A family tradition. I'm now regretting that I didn't take any photos, it was a meal to remember!

My favourite part of the night was watching Carols By Candlelight on tv- entertainment at it's best. Seriously. Plagued with technical glitches, Kate Ceberano putting the "sex" in Christmas- since when was O Holy Night a carol about sex? A little blind girl, Natalia, who wasn't afraid to steal the show belting out Jingle Bells and Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer- a Carols By Candlelight first. The bravery of these kids amazes me. Hosted by the Today Show hosts- Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson, who were clearly unaware that live tv viewing had resumed upon returning from an ad break; Karl looking around and Lisa adjusting her dress! Unfortunately I can't find any footage of that incident. Bummer. It was gold!

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Melbourne's Carols By Candlelight never fails to disappoint!

Christmas Day was a lovely day spent with family. We had a dinner of massive proportions. Food included nachos (my favourite!) topped with Mums awesome guacamole, along with carbonara, risotto, fried rice and all that. Dessert was more than delicious with pavlova, caramel cheesecake and lemon meringue pie from The Cheesecake Shop. Again, I am regretting not taking photos.

(images via weheartit.com)

I do however have some photos of some of the wonderful gifts which I received, I was so spoilt!

7 piece butterfly seat cover pack- my car is going to look lovely!

Robert Gordon heart measuring cups. They are so adorable! I can't wait to bake with these!

 Butterfly scripture journal

I got a new phone! And it's pink! Quite an update for me, I'm used to very basic phones. It's almost like a computer! When I've used up my credit on my old phone I'll have to get use to using this. I'll have access to facebook and twitter from my phone now too!

 Cupcake shopping list pad. Love it!

Butterfly note pad. My family know me too well, I absolutely adore butterflies!

New Years Eve was spent watching The Back Up Plan ( I might try and do a review soon) and the new year was welcomed with a methotrexate migraine (darn side effects) and bed at 10.30pm. Gone are the days were I can stay up an party until all hours of the morning. I don't know how my friends do it! My first outing for the new year included a trip to my family's favourite icecream shop (the name has escaped me) on Lygon street only to discover the disappointment of it being closed. I'll post photos of this icecream when I get to consume it- it is AM-A-ZING! This let down led to the purchasing of a sovalaki instead which in turn led me to learn that sovalaki's are not enjoyable when poorly wrapped. Jeans make for a great napkin. Medicine tasting icecream was downed on St Kilda beach and I quickly learned never to buy icecream from anywhere else and never to buy foods that result in spillage when out and unarmed with wet wipes. Again, jeans make a good napkin. Driving on the way home I learnt that cyclists who don't ride in single file will be sure to cop abuse from me when I finally get my P-plates. Enough said.

2011. Bring it on!!


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