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Driving Lesson Part Three

by - Monday, December 06, 2010

Last Thursday I had my final driving lesson! I'm finally done, all that I have to do now is pass my licence test. I'm so exhausted, but I am so excited about how far I have come. Four years ago getting my licence seemed an impossibility but now I can see the light and I am determined to see fatigue take the backseat for once. Ha! I am going to finally be a p-plater! I am so excited! My very last driving lesson was a tough one. I started driving in the glorious sunshine and then halfway through the lesson it started pouring with rain and by pouring I don't mean a light shower- the roads were flooded! Thunder, lightning, hail- the works. I could hardly see a thing. It was horrible. That lesson zapped every last little bit of energy that I had left but I guess the practice was well needed. Those conditions aren't avoidable. And yes, you betcha, when I got home the rain stopped! That's Melbourne for you! Apparently it is going to rain throughout December *sigh* this weather is really driving me mad (sorry, bad pun); December is summer season, not flooding season! I'm really disappointed with this weather, can you tell? I just hope it doesn't rain for my test. My instructor said rain is the best condition to do my test because there will be less pedestrians and cyclists out and about, and generally the testers are more lenient and allow you to drive really slow! The disadvantage though is that visibility is compromised. I'd much prefer no rain though, but if it does decide to rain it will be okay, after all, I did pass a practice test in flooded streets!

I've been anxiously awaiting a reply to my disability claim which declared chronic fatigue syndrome and the truckload of medications I take. Good news, Vic Roads has finally confirmed my medical report satisfactory! Phew! Get this though- the report will only remain valid for six months and then I have to get another one done. On top of that, once I have been issued with my licence I also have to provide a detailed report from my rheumatologist. What a pain. So now I'm officially all set for my P's! I've done all the practice and now it's just a matter of repeating everything I've done during my lessons, making sure I pay attention to signs and stay well under the speed limit. P-plates here I come!!


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