"Where there is creativity, there is hope." ~ Donna Karan

Blog Renovation: Re-opening Reveal

by - Saturday, December 04, 2010

Welcome to my brand spanking new site! Do you like it? I certainly do! The only thing I'm unhappy about is the border around my signature at the bottom of each post. I'm trying to fix this but if that fails the border will have to be a permanent feature. Oh well, it's only a minor flaw, everything else looks good! What do you think? Overall, I am really pleased with the changes. Although now it looks more like a shopping blog, ha! Shopping is always going to be apart of this blog- it's inevitable, I'm a girl! Besides, shopping is a form of creativity. I betcha liked how I linked that one in! I think this new design reflects what this blog is all about- creativity! Mission accomplished!!

Unfortunately feedburner exploded and is not fixable, so all email subscribers will not be transferred and therefore will not receive post updates via email anymore. I've set up a new feed for this site which is now in working order, so old subscribers will have to subscribe again. For those of you who have been redirected from living creatively with chronic illness, blogger is not loading the new site correctly- the new web address is www.chronicallycreative.net

So here's to new blogging possibilities, I hope you enjoy the new site!


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