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Spreading The Sticky Note Love

by - Sunday, October 10, 2010

To recap Invisible Illness Awareness Week the theme was 'each one can reach one'. The aim was to anonymously encourage and reach out to those living with invisible chronic pain by leaving an uplifting sticky note in a place where it could be found by another. This post is late, I know, and unfortunately I didn't get to leave any sticky notes anywhere during the week in September- that is what happens when you live with chronic fatigue, you can't always do things when you want to, you have to learn to live spontaneously and go with the flow. That said though, I have been leaving them where I have felt to leave them this month, mainly in places such as bathrooms- on mirrors, doors and hand dryers. I will continue to leave them behind in my travels throughout this month when I am able to get out more and leave them in some more creative places.

Here are some of the notes that I have left behind so far. I am praying that the right person who needs to read the notes finds them and feels encouraged and not so alone.

Each one can reach one but I am going for more. Where did you leave a note? Leave a comment!

The highlight of the week for me personally was logging onto facebook Monday morning to find that Invisible Illness Awareness Week fan page had posted a link to one of my blog posts! Lisa Copen found my post Beyond Casseroles left a comment and posted a link to it on facebook and twitter!

As most of you would know I spent the week blogging, which accounts for my lack of blogging recently...I'm still recovering! I also listened to the free virtual 5 day conference which was amazing- I feel so encouraged and uplifted! It was just such an awesome week to be involved in.


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