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I Survived My Worst Year Yet Christmas Wish List

by - Wednesday, December 22, 2021



It feels weird to be sharing what’s on my Christmas wish list after only publishing two posts this year, but here we are. I had grand plans to write at least 17 posts this year but that didn’t happen. You know, stupid dumb chronic illness got in the way again. I feel it’s high time I aligned my ambitions with my physical and mental limitations, but I can’t help but be hopeful and aim for the best.

I’ve had a lot on my plate this year. Another 12 months have been consumed by hunting for a diagnosis for the most bizarre neck, ear and back pain. It’s been frustrating and fruitless, not to mention expensive.

I’ve also been busy with trying to seek treatment for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) which has also been fruitless but at least I received an actual diagnosis this year, which is good to know because now I can at least do my own research and try some things to help myself as best I can while I search for the best professional help.

I believe this PMDD hell was triggered after stopping hormone therapy a couple of years ago. This seems to be the case for other women too, according to some case studies I’ve read. Apparently, I’m stuck like this until I reach menopause or decide to try chemically inducing menopause, which I’m not keen on. Both are terrible options for me, so I’m feeling stressed and panicky.

Managing my health this year has been a full on full-time job with unreasonable overtime that has led to many mental breakdowns. Combining PMDD with chronic pain and fatigue is a personal hell I can never describe, and there have been many times this year when I was legit afraid I’d end up in a psych ward.

The fact I’ve survived my worst year yet is testament to a good psychologist, an understanding GP, and great family and friends.

Things are looking up, though. A few weeks ago, I went to church and at the end of the service my pastor said he felt God was healing neck and back pain. I didn’t believe it at all as I’ve heard the whole God’s healing this, this, and this pain a zillion times over with no improvements, so I went home and forgot about it… until I got halfway through a new week and realised that my neck pain had improved slightly and that I could bend over to pick something up without a sharp pain literally stabbing me in the back.

While my neck isn’t one hundred percent, I have observed a definite improvement and I’ll happily take whatever improvement I can get. And my back pain, the thing that started this dreadful ordeal, has resolved. I cannot tell you how great it is to have one less burden weighing me down. I’m feeling more positive and hopeful heading into 2022.

Well, that sums up my year. Let’s move on to fun stuff, shall we?

I won’t share every single item that made it onto my wish list this year because it’s a pretty long list (I moved house and need things) and I am bone-weary. Also, some things are a little humdrum, so I’ll just share the things that spark the most joy for me and make me excited for next year.

Let’s go.



Harvey III Heel Mules - Tan, $39



I’m in desperate need of some new shoes as I don’t have a lot of options. While I have a pair of tan heels, they aren’t my go-to heels. In fact, I don’t own any heels that are my go-to, so I’d like to change that.

I’m in love with these heels from Target as they’re a different style than what I have, so I’m hoping to add these to my wardrobe so I have another option to get me through summer and autumn.



Jogger Pants, $25



Before medication changes made me gain weight, I had a pair of pants just like these and they were fantastic. They are light and breezy, making them perfect pants for hot summer days when you can’t be bothered to shave your legs. I need these in my wardrobe ASAP.



Create Your Own Paper Flowers, $9



I don’t know why I’m asking for a paper flower kit when I already have one I haven’t crafted with yet, but I am. I think I need psychological help! To be fair, this kit looks more inspiring and versatile than the one I haven’t yet opened, so maybe I need this one to help motivate me to frolic in the world of paper flowers.

I’ve recently started some art therapy sessions, so if I receive this for Christmas, I will take it along to my next session. I’ve got a feeling my therapist and I will love trying this out together.



Cotton Poplin Tiered Skirt, $35



I much prefer to wear longer skirts as I’m really self-conscious about my legs and I feel more comfortable and confident in them. This belongs in my wardrobe as I have a top and shoes to match. I think I could even make it work as part of my winter wardrobe, as I’m all about choosing clothes I can wear in multiple ways.



&me Laser Cut Boot Heels, Black, $30


&me is such a stupid name for a brand, I really dislike it, but what I like are these heels. Big W has been killing it with their footwear offerings lately. I want these in my wardrobe because I don’t have any black heels and I can so see myself rocking these with my skinny jeans or black frilly skirt. These shoes just look badass and I’m in love.

LINDVED Side Table, White, $40



When I was living in an apartment, I had to have my writing desk right next to my bed, which was super handy as it doubled as my bedside table. Now I’m living in a townhouse and have a spacious master bedroom, I need a bedside table, as I’m currently using a step stool. After much consideration, I’ve decided on this sweet little table from Ikea.



Wiltshire Bundt Pan, Pink, $15



I’d love to get back into some baking next year and experiment with some healthy bundt cake recipes. I need a pan though and this is perfect because it’s pink, which is totally my kitchen aesthetic vibe. 



Paper Parties by Erin Hung, $12



This book has piqued my interested because it looks amazing. I’m hoping to draw inspiration from it next year.



Spot Print Bow Slide, $19.95



I spend a lot of time at home, which means I need cute slippers that make me happy. I love these adorable slippers from Sussan and I know they’ll spark joy whenever I look down at my feet. As much as I love Kmart, you can’t get slippers as darling as these.



Crinkle Culotte Pants, $30



I need another pant option as I only have jeans at the moment. I can wear these with flats when I’m hanging out with friends and I’m keen to try them with the Harvey III Heel Mules for when I feel like dressing up. 




Hedgehog or Koala Mug, $5


I’d be happy to add one (or both!) of these mugs to my epic collection, as I think they’d make an adorably cute addition. I don’t have high hopes of receiving any mugs from my family though, because they think I have too many. But you can never have enough when you’re a blogger and a serious tea drinker. And I’m quite enjoying taking part in #mugmonday on Instagram so I can always do with more!



Preview Alexa Lace Sleeve Tank Top, $30



I would love to add some pretty white tops to my wardrobe as I have very little options and I have some skirts that I need some better white tops to pair with. I’m obsessed with frilly tops, so why not flutter my way through weight gain?!


SKADIS Pegboard, White, $25



I’ve been wanting to attach a pegboard to my craft desk for ages and have been drooling over how amazing they look in people’s craft rooms. Next year I really want to knuckle down and learn how to use my Cricut machine so a pegboard will be fantastic for storing all of my machine’s tools and craft vinyl so that they are organised and within easy reach. I’m very tempted to spray paint my pegboard pink.



Self Adhesive Removable Wallpaper, Floral, $35



I’ve been eying off this gorgeous wallpaper that I want to use for a few craft and DIY projects around the house. I love how simple and elegant it is.

And that my friends concludes my Christmas wish list for this year. Hopefully next year I will be well enough to get some Christmas craft posts up for you and complete another Christmas card making marathon. Until then, let’s reminisce about my last card making marathon from 2019.



Wishing you a very merry Christmas that’s full of comfort, joy and hope. 


Love & Christmas cookies











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