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Twelve Things On My Christmas Wish List

by - Tuesday, December 22, 2020




Hi, friends! It’s been forever and a day. I had grand plans to bleed my heart out and write several posts this year, but they were derailed and crushed to a pulp.

Oh, this year. Where do I even begin? For lack of a better word, it’s been hard. It’s been harder than I ever thought possible. I know it’s been a hard year for many and it’s kind of nice to not feel so alone in that for once, but for me, it wasn’t the chaos that Coronavirus inflicted that broke me (though it contributed in a small way). It was new pain, a gamut of tests, frequent doctor’s visits, endless frustration and a piercing fear that I’ll never return to my 'chronic illness normal.'

In March I experienced my first ear infection and from there my health snowballed out of control. Long story short: I’ve spent all the precious energy I’ve had this year on searching for potential answers, and a diagnosis for new pain and consistently abnormal blood test results. This year has broken me beyond belief, and I have nothing left to give.

I’ll probably write about it at some point, but for now I just want to post a happy, cheery post as this year has been a little traumatic. It’s been the kind of year where eating fruit mince pies for breakfast throughout December is totally acceptable — and yes, I’ve downed a good dozen. So I thought I’d share the items that made it to the top of my Christmas wish list.

Before I begin, can we have a debate about the word wish list? I’ve always believed that it should be spelt as two words, not one. But it seems the majority favour spelling it as one word. Why? It’s a wish, and it’s a list. Wish… list. Just like a lot isn’t alot. Maybe I should find a happy medium and hyphenate it? But I still think I’m right.

Clearly, I'm not alone in this. What a legend!

Okay, moving along…

Every year my mother nags me for my ‘Christmas list’ and then makes fun of me for spending hours on it because I like giving my family plenty of options and price points to choose from. But this year I’ve narrowed it down to just 12 items because I’m as tired and grumpy as an ogre, and I don’t want a lot for Christmas...



Oh wait! I do… I want your dog. *embarrassed face emoji*


Make my wish come trueeee


Key Ring Tote Bag- Emerald, $12



Emerald is my colour. Every time I wear it I receive compliments, so I’m a little obsessed with it. It just oozes elegance. My current handbag is wearing, so I think this stunning bag from Kmart will make a nice addition to my wardrobe.




Poppy Electric Oil Burner, $39.99



I need this oil burner from Dusk in my life ASAP. The amount of times I’ve lit a candle and then decided I wanted to duck out for a bit or take a shower is ridiculous. I’ve been using a standard oil burner for several years, so I’m keen to make the switch to electric. No more flame to worry about sounds life changing, and this oil burner is PINK! *heart eye emoji*




5 Pack Tealight Holders & Tray, $20


As soon as my sister and I get approved to rent a house, we’ll be saying goodbye to apartment living, and for the first time in four years we’ll probably have a lounge room. Kmart’s tealight holders are super pretty and I’ve deemed them a must-have in our new lounge room.




True Home Signature Diffuser Peony & Jasmine, $29.95


This brand stocked at Myer makes the most gorgeous diffusers. I’ve never forgotten the time when my sister and I discovered their diffusers a couple of years ago while Christmas shopping. ''Oh my gosh, this one smells like LOLLIES!'' was our reaction to the Tuscan Blood Orange scent. We managed to walk out of the store without one (oh, the restraint!), only buying gifts for people on our lists.

My mother ended up getting it for my sister’s birthday, and it was absolutely divine in the centre of our dining table. It’s completely worth the price tag with an amazing scent throw that lasts a good six months. Diffusers are just not worth skimping on, otherwise you get a mediocre scent throw that’ll last you a week if you’re lucky.

Given how pleasurable the diffuser was in our home, I’d love to try the peony & jasmine scent. I have no doubt it will be just as sweet.




3 Section Jewellery Tray, $5.



I’m all about stylish organisation right now and I’d love to use this tray from Kmart to organise my stationery for my writing desk. Heck, I might even use one to organise bits and bobs in the kitchen. I’m obsessed!




&me Women’s Double Zip Crossbody Bag- Tan, $15



My crossbody bag broke so I need a new one for the times I’m just nipping down to the shops. I love that this one from Big W has two zipper pouch sections — keys and phone in one pouch, cash in the other.




Mini Paper Stack, $4



Kmart is killing it with their craft section lately and I am very impressed. $4 for a little paper pad is pretty much unheard of these days. I’m yet to try their paper stacks, so I thought they’d make a great affordable gift.

I’m really hoping to make a heap of cool cards with some of these papers next year to make up for my lack of creating this year. The Tropical Jungle, Blue Blossom, Timeless, and Marble are the paper stacks that have stolen my crafting heart.




Coco & Eve Like a Virgin — Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque, $64.90



And now to the most expensive product on my wish list, Coco & Eve’s signature hair masque. I love a good hair masque; they are something I always keep in my self-care arsenal. On bad days (if I can muster up enough strength), washing my hair and letting an uplifting masque soak in my hair for a couple of hours while I rest on the couch is my go-to pick-me-up.

I’ve been wanting to try this masque for a while now, and I’m curious to see if it lives up to the hype. In the past I have had little success with coconut in hair treatments, but I have a lot of hope for this one.




Desert Dreamin’ Tee- Rust, $45



An advertisement for an online clothing store, Salty Crush, recently came up on my Facebook, which piqued my interest. I need some new summer clothes (to the point I’m like, what the heck did I wear last year?) and I thought this tee would be cute to team with some skirts I have in my wardrobe.

My sister told me she had a good laugh at this store’s name and that she couldn’t buy me anything from there because it sounds like a porn site (I am forever trying to get her mind out of the gutter), so looks like I’m getting this as a Christmas present to myself.

 ~ ~ ~

I hope you enjoyed having a stickybeak at what’s on my Christmas wish list this year and I wish you and your family comfort, joy and hope this Christmas.


Love & fruit mince pies.


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