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March & April 2019 Goals

by - Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Following on from sharing about the big goals I'm trying to work towards over the next few years, I thought I'd share the little goals I plan to focus on every couple of months, however mundane they may be. I enjoy blogging about my goals because it helps give me the motivation and determination to see tasks completed and goals achieved. Declaring my goals gives me accountability and fuels my desire to succeed. It also helps me enjoy the process of working towards a goal and celebrate the small victories along the way; I'm learning to be proud of my progress.


I'm not confident I'll be able to accomplish everything I want to over the next two months as I've got a bunch of new symptoms on my plate, but I will sure try my best. Here's what I'm aiming to achieve:


Clean out kitchen cupboards and reorganise

Why I want to achieve this goal: I'm not proud of it but my kitchen shelves have turned into a pigsty. Before illness I used to be an organised neat freak and I want to get as close as I can to being that person again. I want to see everything I have at a glance without needing to pull several things out to get to something. I want to make writing grocery lists easier, and cooking more enjoyable.

What is holding me back? What obstacles am I facing? The design of our apartment's kitchen storage is frustrating and challenging. Case in point: there is a tiny cupboard which is only good for storing things like long life milk. I'm still struggling with maximising cupboard space three years in. Out of frustration I've adopted an ''Oh well'' approach and things get shoved wherever they fit. The way some cupboards were designed means I have no choice but to stack things in front of other needed items, so having an organised and functional kitchen feels like an impossible challenge.


Our infamous milk cupboard.

How am I going to accomplish this goal? Search Pinterest for inspiration and try out some different storage solutions for small spaces. Shopping for kitchen storage that ''sparks joy'' will also help motivate me to create and keep more visually appealing cupboards.

My reward: New kitchen decor from Kmart and Ikea.


Investigate new symptoms

Why I want to achieve this goal: I encountered some new, uncomfortable and persistent symptoms towards the end of last year- drenching body sweats, flank pain, and shortness of breath with minimal exertion. Initially, it was diagnosed as a UTI, then a virus turned post-viral syndrome. For now, it's being labelled as part of my fibromyalgia, which I don't feel it is. All of this is hard to deal with on top of my other problems so I want to find the cause, and hopefully a treatment or cure as soon as possible.

What is holding me back? What obstacles am I facing? Negative test results so far mean that doctors aren't taking this as seriously as I'd like them to, and they don't understand how uncomfortable these symptoms are to live with daily. My regular GP seems confident to chalk these symptoms up to fibromyalgia and hyperhidrosis, which is a problem because I know my body best. This is my thirteenth year living with fibromyalgia, so I'm well acquainted with what symptoms are ''normal'' for me. I know what pain and symptoms are most likely from a flare-up and when things are really out of the ordinary, like now.

What is my life?!


Also, conflicting advice is a problem that strikes again. My integrative doctor has recommended I see my rheumatologist for these symptoms to rule out rheumatoid arthritis because it can cause sweating and fevers. This frustrates me immensely because my GP told me that it's muscular when I questioned if it could be arthritis coming back (I've been in remission for the last 18 months). I'm at my wit's end and have reached the point where I don't want to see doctors any more. I've had enough.

How am I going to accomplish this goal? See my rheumatologist and gynaecologist to have arthritis and endometriosis medication side effects ruled out. Attend my echocardiogram appointment as recommended by my GP just in case we happen to ''Catch the beginning of something''.

My reward: I think I deserve a box of doughnuts or a celebratory cake after sorting out this nightmare.


Catch up with one or two friends from church

Why I want to achieve this goal: I haven't had much contact with anyone from church so far this year because I've been focussing on dealing with new symptoms, but I'm beginning to feel depressed so I need to hang out with some uplifting people for my mental health's sake. I want to get to know friends better and make my social life more of a priority.

What is holding me back? What obstacles am I facing? Brain fog and mental fatigue crushes my confidence and makes holding a conversation incredibly challenging at times. Usually I have an attention span of 10-15 minutes before my brain slows down and I have trouble recalling words and processing what people say. It's embarrassing. There have been many times when conversations have given me intense mental fatigue and eye pain which is very difficult to cope with. CFS is frustratingly absurd and I don't think I will ever come to understand it.

How will I accomplish this goal? Ask someone I've been meaning to catch up with to meet for a coffee on a week where I have no other energy demanding activities.

My reward: The obvious reward here is coffee... well, a chai latte for me because I'm trying to do low caffeine.


Clean my shower  

Why I want to achieve this goal: My shower is getting grotty and we have an upcoming rental inspection, so it needs a good clean.

What is holding me back? What obstacles am I facing? Cleaning my shower is a chore that sucks the most energy from me, so I'm not motivated to get it sparkling clean.

My spirit animal. Image via Pinterest.

How am I going to accomplish this goal? Concentrate on one section each day instead of cleaning everything in one hit- wall tiles one day, glass screens the next, followed by floor tiles.

My reward: Spend a gift voucher on some new bathroom decor.


Complete 3-4 craft projects

Sneak peek of bookends I made for my sister.

Why I want to achieve this goal: I want to make some beautiful birthday gifts as well as some cute Easter cards if I have the time and energy. I've just finished a birthday gift for my sister using some lovely Kasiercraft goodies I got during their boxing day sale, so now that's done, I want to focus on completing a gift for my mum. It was supposed to be finished for her birthday in April last year but the project turned out to be more work and way more challenging than I was expecting. I've had to take a long break from the project as it was doing my head in. I feel like a terrible daughter, so I'm determined to get it finished and make it as beautiful as I can for her birthday this year.

What is holding me back? What obstacles am I facing? Cognitive dysfunction because of fatigue can make crafting challenging, and sometimes it's hard to get motivated.

How am I going to accomplish this goal? Craft in 20 minute blocks whenever I can.

My reward: Check out a craft store I haven't been to. There's a paper craft store I've been meaning to check out just 15 minutes drive from me. Having a peruse through will be a nice reward once I've finished all my planned projects.


Change blog name and template

Why I want to achieve this goal: I've been wanting to change my blog name for a few years now as I'm not the only Chronically Creative any more. I'm now one of several bloggers and Instagrammers with this name and it no longer feels like my own. Now it looks like I'm copying others and I don't like it. I don't want to be associated with these people, I enjoy travelling in my own lane and doing my own thing. So it's time for a name change, a new look, and a new direction.

What is holding me back? What obstacles am I facing? Feeling like it's to late to change names and ''re-brand'' after so many years. I'm terrified of making mistakes when it comes to changing things over and fear I'll permanently stuff up my blog as I'm unsure of how to change my domain name. (Google instructions are very confusing and I don't know if some of them even apply to my account.)

How am I going to accomplish this goal? Run blog name ideas past some friends, find a new blog template that best reflects the new name, and pray before I make any changes.

My reward: Pizza and board games night with a friend.

Fingers crossed I still have a blog come May.

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