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Holidaying in The Sunshine State - Day 5

by - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sitting with Mr Walrus.
We went to Sea World on day 5 of our holiday and I got my obligatory photo with Mr Walrus because it's just the done thing at Sea World. We did the rides in the morning and the animal attractions in the afternoon.

I was pretty buggered by this day so I hired a wheel chair to cruise around in. I look at some of these photos and cringe because I look like I was struggling. I opted not to go on many rides this time to give my aching body a break. I just went on the Jet Rescue once - a speedy little roller coaster that has you boarding your own Jetski and zipping around past rock pools on your mission to save a trapped sea lion in a blowhole cave. Risky business.

Unfortunately I do not have any photos of this ride as I had to leave my camera in a locker all the way back at the front of the park's entrance. You can watch the ride in action though, compliments of Theme Park Review. Even better.

I was pretty disappointed that the old Corkscrew roller coaster wasn't operating this time around due to maintenance. Those loops were rad! It has now been revamped and renamed Sea Viper which is way more appropriate I think. You can't have a theme park dedicated to all things sea creatures without a roller coaster called Sea Viper. Glad they changed it. Phew.

Hanging out in the shade waiting for the Jet Stunt Show.
At lunch time I sat and watched the Jet Stunt Extreme Show; enjoying the jetski stunt performer's awe-inspiring aerial flips while eating fish and chips. Again, I have no photos of the actual show as I was trying to eat lunch and there was too much fast movement for my camera to capture a decent shot.
Next we headed to the gorgeous penguin exhibit and the polar bear enclosure while stopping along the way to do some dolphin watching.
Dolphin sighting!
Chillin with the penguins (pun intended).

I love the colours of King penguins. They were such fascinating creatures to watch, and they were such show-offs! I could have sat and watched them all day.

This King penguin definitely lives up to its name.
And I finally got to see some polar bear feeding action!
nom nom nom
Saying hello to all the stare bears down below (pun also intended - I am so awkwardly lame, haha).
In between visiting animal attractions I spotted these beautiful sunflowers and thought it a perfect background for a photo. Love!
My favourite photo of the day.

And what's a Sea World trip without having a photo taken with glistening lake water in the background?!

Our last main stop for the day was at the Imagine dolphin show. I got front row privileges because I had a wheelchair. I've never gotten to sit front row for this show so I was very excited. That was until all the seagulls started flying around the front for fish. A person sitting near me got pooped on so I spent most of the show trying to shield myself with my hat and bag.

Oh the cuteness!

My mumma and I then spent the little time left before closing waiting for other family members to get their last thrill ride fix. And that was day five.

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