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Candy Cane Chocolate Truffles

by - Sunday, December 22, 2013

I made these cute candy cane truffles to give to relatives as gifts for Christmas last year. I used both plain and white chocolate for variety.

I love giving handmade gifts and I like putting a bit of thought into my gift giving instead of always grabbing a box of chocolates off the supermarket shelf and saying: that'll do. It just makes it more fun and personal, but that's just my opinion.

Don't take offense though, chocolate box gift givers. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with it, I am simply just stating my personal preference. Besides, I'm actually joining you this year. Yep, it's cream filled chocolates from me all-round. Because I can't be bothered I don't have as much energy to invest in Christmas gift giving with my impending overseas holiday and all.

Sometimes a box-of-chocolates-gift-giving has to do, and that's ok.

I must sound extremely contradictory right now so I'm going to shut up. Silliness is sure to ensue after popping pain pills. Oh boy.

Back to the good stuff.

These truffles make for such a great gift giving treat. They are simple and and relatively quick to make, and they are a creative way to use up left over candy canes. They make for a good dessert snack plate on the Christmas table, too.

If you like peppermint flavoured chocolate then you should love these festive truffles, but I must warn you - they are sickly sweet. I found that I could easily stop at just two (and I have the biggest sweet tooth), so these are perfect if you want a sweet treat fix but don't want to over indulge.

If you are after the recipe click here.

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