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Holidaying in The Sunshine State- Day 4

by - Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'm quite sure that it is obvious that I am struggling to blog regularly. I think it is well and truly evident in that I'm still posting about my holiday over a year ago. The plan was to have all the posts up within two months, but you know, chronic illness always has its own agenda.
Day 4 of our holiday was a day of rest, which I sure needed after riding roller coasters for most of the day at Movie World (chronic pain and roller coasters = ouch). Apart from feeling like I was recovering from surgery, I had a really nice day. 
In the morning I hung out the back of the holiday house we rented with my sister and watched the ducks and swans paddle by. Having a lake as your backyard is something I could get used to, it was so relaxing.
I wish I could enjoy watching swans every morning.
The only downside to having a pool deck combined with a lake as your backyard is that you battle ducks constantly flying onto your deck, jumping in the pool and making a mess. Eww. It is quite lovely to be so close to nature though.
My favourite photo of the day.
Naughty, naughty duck.
In the afternoon we went for a drive and did a bit more sightseeing. We ended up down at the beach which was a spur of the moment thing, clearly.
All ready to hit the surf, not!
For dinner we chose to try a new pancake restaurant. I was excited to see that they had wedges on the menu.
They were really nice.
I ordered strawberry pancakes for dessert because you can't go to a pancake restaurant without ordering pancakes, it's just darn silly! However, I wish I hadn't. Man were they disgusting. YUCK. When they brought them out I immediately thought they were way too thick. It's usually not a good sign. They were the most doughiest pancakes I have ever had. I took two mouthfuls and then decided that eating them wasn't worth the calories. I was so disappointed because I really wanted to enjoy some nice pancakes. It was a real shame that a pancake restaurant was serving up terrible pancakes when it's supposed to be their specialty. I walked out wondering how they did good business. Turns out they didn't and they closed down. I'm not surprised at all!
In the evening we went to the movies and saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Watching a movie while on holiday is mandatory and I really enjoyed this one.

And that is how we spent day 4.

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