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Nicholl Lookout

by - Monday, June 03, 2013

Over the Easter long weekend I went for a scenic drive with my family for a day out. We love visiting country towns and exploring the sights and shops, and also enjoy eating out. I especially love looking in antique, vintage, country and cottage style stores.
While I do not love the dreaded post exertional malaise punishing me the following days, I do enjoy getting out of the house and admiring different scenery for a change. Although physically I suffer for getting out for a day, I'm much more happier for having had a memorable and worthwhile day with family. Sometimes you just have to do things simply because it is good for the soul.
It's c-c-c-cold.
On this day trip we ended up driving through Warburton, a town in Victoria, surrounded by forests and mountains. I would have taken much more interesting photos than what I did but when we were walking through the main street of Warburton it was pouring rain and I was just too cold to be bothered.
On the way home we did stop for some snaps at Nicholl Lookout as we passed through Marysville. The camera just didn't capture the amazingness, though. The beautiful scenery looks much better in the flesh.
My Papa Bear. He's a good egg.
Next time I'll take much more exciting photos, I promise.

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