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Holidaying in The Sunshine State - Day 3

by - Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm still blogging about my holiday a year ago. If there was an award for the most unorganised blogger, I'd be in the running for sure.
Day three of our holiday was by far my favourite. We spent the entire day at Movie World- the theme park I love the most. The Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster and the Superman Escape always feature on our must-ride-multiple-times-list, even if we have to line up for an hour.
Rockin' a roller coaster blown hair-do while showing off my muffin top to the world. I didn't have enough appropriate clothing to cater for my sudden drug induced weight gain. My self esteem is flying kite high, said no woman taking multiple drugs causing weight gain, EVER!
Superman Escape is my favourite roller coaster. It's the best one I've been on, and I've been on quite a few! It's obvious from the time that I am willing to wait in line. On one occasion during the day, I stood in the line for well over an hour (oh the soreness). The things I will put myself through for a thrilling few seconds. It was worth it though. Although, in bed that night, I would have told you otherwise.
This ride is definitely not for sissies. It takes off fast. And by fast, I mean superman fast. Seriously and shockingly fast. Swiftness that will render you breathless fast. I've never forgotten the first time I lined up with my Auntie to torture ourselves. We were terrifyingly excited. What makes this thrill ride so great is that before being propelled into the air with unexpected power, you are travelling through a dark tunnel while you sit there and scold yourself for getting on. As the coaster nears the end of the tunnel it stops for a few long seconds, letting you anticipate the height of the first dip. (I like that. The best rides are usually the ones where you are sitting there before takeoff looking at each other saying "Oh I'm not so sure about this one now. Oh no, no, no, nooooo! Ok, I don't want to do this anymore, can we get off. Oh crap, crap, CRAP!)
Then there's an a booming voice telling you that something is about to blow, followed by an explosion. Suddenly superman says "I'll get you out of here. Fast. Superman fast". And he does.
Let me tell you, he wasn't kidding about the fast part. Woah. 0-100km/h in 2 seconds is pretty darn swift. I tried to scream, but no noise escaped me. It was like I had been winded. Some of those dips are scaringly steep, too. That's why I love it so much. Although now I've been on it too many times that the thrill has waned a little for me, but that didn't stop me from lining up another five times this trip.
Aside from thrill rides, we ate and watched whatever shows were on. This was my third time watching the Hollywood Stunt Driver Show. I didn't really want to see it another time, but everyone else did, so I tagged along. The bonus was I knew when to take photos to give me something to blog about. Ha!
On previous trips we missed out on seeing the Star Parade, but not this time! I am such a big kid.
This is my favourite photo from the day. She did that just for me. True story.
My inner child wanted a photo with Daffy Duck.
The best food I ate that day was definitely at dinner. We went to a Thai restaurant to try something new, and boy was the food beautiful. I'd never had Thai before and now I want it all the time. I haven't found a place in Melbourne that compares yet. The food I ordered was beyond amazing- the quantity, quality and price were impressive. I shared a banquet with Papa Bear, and we really enjoyed it.
Entree was prawn soup. Despite my dislike of mushrooms, I quite liked it.
For main we had a beef massaman curry (best ever) and a chicken stir-fry. Two main dishes? Don't mind if I do! (I was taking Prednisolone back then, which had me stuffing my face in attempt to stop the pangs of hunger that would hit me every damn hour of the day.) And of course there was icecream for dessert. We ended up dining twice at this restaurant in the week- that's how much we loved it. I can't wait to go back.
So that was day three. Aside from feeling miserable due to the increase in pain and exhaustion I had stupidly inflicted on myself, I did enjoy myself and I had a really great day.

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