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The day I gave chronic illness the finger

by - Saturday, December 29, 2012

The thing I'm most proud of doing this year was driving into the city and checking out the Craft & Quilt Fair. ALL BY MYSELF! This is a pretty big deal for me, people! Usually I don't dare attempt these events on my own because I am too scared, but this year, I had no one to go with and I really wanted to go.
So, I gave chronic illness and social anxiety the finger, put on my big girl boots and went.
What makes this achievement even more amazing is that I drove into the city haven never driven in there before. Not the wisest thing to do with chronic fatigue, but the strangest confidence and determination came over me, and I thought that driving would be more energy efficient than taking public transport which involved driving to the station, catching two trains, a tram, and a twenty minute walk.
I had to park in a massive car park that had a ticketing system and I've never done this before either. Car parks of these size usually scare me (I really didn't have much experience with them as a learner). I'm usually terrified when someone is with me, but that day, I drove in like I had done it countless times before and knew where I was going.
The real miracle was that I did all this while battling brain fog and I didn't get lost! I am never driving that distance again though, I tell you! Never again.
I payed dearly for that day. I felt extra sickly for weeks and some days the post exertional malaise was so bad that I just wanted to die.
But I did it because I so badly wanted to go. I so wanted to enjoy myself for one day, and enjoy myself I did.
The show was beyond amazing. The inspiration was incredible. I learnt so much and got so many new ideas. I bought a new craft toy- a scoring board (which I'll show you later on), some pretty papers and some beautiful beyond the page projects to work on.
These paper were too gorgeous not to buy. I'm thinking pretty birthday cards.
Cute christmas papers.
I'm planning to use the girly paper for a scrapbook page and the teddy paper for some adorable cards.
I have a new flower die cut to play with. This one is by Marianne design.
As soon as I saw the display all done up of this clock I knew I had to make it for my craft studio wall. It's a Twiddleybitz Steampunk Clock. Their stand was delicious!
These papers are great for journalling or scrapping. So beautiful.

I called my Mama a couple of times throughout the afternoon just because I was so excited by what I saw. It was so nice just walking around the stalls and soaking up the creativity. My head was so full by the end that I had a headache!
I even got brave and attended a cardmaking class too. I would have never done that a few years ago. I think I'm officially all grown up. I really loved the class. It was focused on using tags to make simple and quick cards. Brain fog friendly craft. I'd have never of thought to use tags in my cardmaking as I always thought they were more for scrapbooking. Such a clever idea. Here's what I made:
I don't really like the design of this card, but I do think using washi tape as a border is a great idea. The grey decorative tag down the bottom is supposed to be matching, I accidentally tore the green one I was given. Ooops!
Now this card I like a lot. I need to make another one though as this one is such poor quality. The class was really rushed. I needed to cut more twine for that banner, it does look quite ridiculous. Ha!
This card is my favourite out of the three. I want to buy that border punch. It's quite fabulous!
This was the day I proved to myself that I am confident and independent. That even though I'm exhausted and in pain, I can function like a normal person for a day. I may be a bit broken, but my body still works.

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