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Turkish Delight Cupcakes

by - Friday, November 30, 2012

I made these cupcakes a few months ago as a present for Sweet Sister (she loves turkish delight). I've never baked with turkish delight chocolate before so I was really happy to try it in a cupcake.
They are a similar concept to my Cherry Ripe Cupcakes, so I was expecting them to be good. Although, there was a lot of finger crossing going on while they were in the oven!
They turned out beautifully. The moistness and the taste of the turkish delight chocolate throughout the cupcake was magical. Words cannot describe how amazing they really were. These are the best cupcakes I have made so far, and they are also the best I have tasted by far. Holy wow. I think I've outdone myself.  I'm not the most confident person on the planet, but these cupcakes have really given me a much needed confidence boost.
making the batter
preparing the frosting
Everyone enjoyed these cupcakes. They are oh so decadent, and they also make for the perfect christmas cupcake.
This recipe makes 12. You may need to double the quantity of icing to ice all 12, depending on how you choose to frost them.


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