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Holidaying in The Sunshine State - Day 2

by - Monday, October 15, 2012

For the second day of our holiday in Queensland back in March this year (clearly I'm behind in blogging), we spent the majority of the day sightseeing in the car as it rained for most of the day. It was the only day during the week when the sun was not out. I was extremely excited about the rain that day, because I fell down a step I didn't know existed in the morning at the house we were staying in and sprained my ankle. I did a pretty good job of it, and had to hobble around with a swollen foot, so I was more than happy to just enjoy the sights from the car window and give my foot time a bit of time to recover before hitting the theme parks.
So we drove out of Queensland to explore Byron Bay, a beachside town located in the far-northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, which was about an hour away from where we were staying. We decided to go check out the active lighthouse at Cape Byron. We spent a good hour or so admiring the views and taking lots of photos. I did get out of the car for a short time so I could get some decent photos and see the sights properly, but I had to hop everywhere - a girl in a maxi skirt hopping to the nearest railing must have looked hilarious!
I really wanted to have a photo taken closer to the lighthouse, but I wasn't prepared to hop that far! Taking photos proved quite challenging as it was pretty windy and it was raining on and off, but I did manage to capture some of the stunning surrounding views. When looking back on these photos, I am reminded how amazing, incredible and creative God is. I am in awe.
This photo is by far my favourite of the day. Breathtaking, no? It was well worth all the hopping it took.
Mama and me checking out the observation deck.
What grabbed my attention the most were the people hang gliding. It was fascinating to watch them take off, soar like an eagle and then land. I took some photos as they flew over where I stood. I was interested in experiencing the thrill almost immediately. I turned to Papa Bear a few times too many to let him know I was keen and that he must take me there.
Next holiday I am definitely going to go hang gliding. I've looked into it and decided that it is a scenic tour must. I think the price is pretty reasonable too, and I love that they have a secure spot for your camera in the hang glider so you can take photos.
So I pretty much spent the rest of the day dreaming of hang gliding while the rest of the family strolled through the shops in town before the drive back.
And that was day two.
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