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When PMS and death warmed up days collide

by - Thursday, August 30, 2012

On the weekend I had a few I can't do this any more melt down moments. I felt like death warmed up. Post exertional malaise was harder to cope with and I was frustrated with myself. I was moody and annoyed at anyone and anything. Even people's breathing and their chewing food irritated me.
There were more tears than usual. One minute it was all doom and gloom, I hate my life and everybody hates me, I think I'll go eat worms... then I really love my life, things are going to get better the next. I wanted to quit work because the fatigue was just too much for me and then a few hours later it was all I can totally do this, there's hope.
PMS. It's a real bitch sometimes. Especially when it collides with death warmed up days. It ain't pretty. It makes coping with pain and fatigue a million times harder.
But instead of throwing plates, I took my frustration out on my blog. Yep, even my template design unexpectedly pissed me off. So I spent several hours over a few days searching for a new one, but nothing seemed to fit. PMS and persistence payed off though, and I stumbled across this rockin' template. Not bad for a free one, hey?
There are a few minor things that I don't like about it, and it's a lot more pink than what I wanted it to be, but whatever. I do love it, so it's staying. Besides, you can't get any better than this for free. I thought I loved the old template, but I love this so much more. At least now you don't have to scroll down a million miles to leave a comment.
Who would have thought that PMS could be a good thing! Not I.
So, what do you creative kids think? Do you like the new look?
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